Saturday, May 31, 2014

Of Course the Vicious Beast Has Been Killed, Make that Put Down or even better Humanely Destroyed

'Blood everywhere' in seal attack

An elderly man is in a serious condition after a seal attack on New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway.

A DOC spokes person has defended the seal as the Old bloke had entered the seal's territory.

No point asking why a Chihuahua would be given no such reprieve and could be dead by sundown.


Edward the Confessor said...

As usual you haven't been able to make your point at all well. Are you saying, that as a scared old man, you think all wild animals should be culled, or are you suggesting that vicious and poorly trained dogs that attack members of the community should not be destroyed? Just wondering which angle to take when pointing out your idiocy.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

. . . Do you want the seal to get the bullet ?

gravedodger said...

Again Backward you entirely miss the target and resort to ageist bullying, not all dogs accused convicted and sanctioned with the ultimate punishment are vicious and or poorly trained.

I owned a Jack Russell terrier, extremely well trained, obedient kind and very protective of her adopted family and her space, it is entirely conceivable that while legally and socially acceptedly restrained on a stout leash, she could bite a moronic child of equally moronic parents that rushed into her space to pat "the luvly little dog" and that spawn of idiots could have suffered horrendous injuries to its face.

@ GoG, yes certainly and if it was a feral pitbull the same, as for Backward well I guess feral animals are a product of their environment and to be pitied rather than, well that is how I see it.

Edward the Confessor said...

RIght, so you want all wild animals culled just in case they attack geriatrics who stray into their territory, but only some of the vicious dogs that attack children destroyed (ie not your ones). Thanks for clearing that up Gravetodger. Any more genius ideas to impart?

gravedodger said...

@ backward the Obsessor,
The poor old bugger you are so dismissive of over what could have been a fatal outcome was ON A DOC WALKWAY you retard, and in our cradle to grave welfare dominated society that you shill for, he would be have perceived he was safe in that situation.

Also somewhat mystified as to where I suggested culling all wild animals but true to your socialist mantra, making shit up is entirely logical in your warped mind anyway.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Also somewhat mystified as to where I suggested culling all wild animals..."

Which particular wild animals do you want slaughtered then? Surely you're not suggesting we wait until another person is attacked before we take action? If you just want this one particular animal butchered, it would seem you just want some revenge, and are not really interested in saving the populace from killer seals at all, which is an odd position to take.

Anyway, save the dogs, kill the seals! You should get the Nats to campaign on that one.