Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Now Who Is The Horse's Arse?

Keeping Stock has a glorious story on the antics of Winston First.

You must admit UTU is a wonderful thing to behold and Brendan Horan has delivered a rip snorter.

The 5 year old bay mare Bellazeel is owned by Mr Peters and others, and has a successful racing career. So far in the 2013/14 season from seven starts, the horse has had two wins and a third place, earning prize-money of $20,175. Mr Peters has conspicuously failed to declare the horse in his pecuniary interests return.
“Mr Peters needs to take an honest look in the mirror. He is a prime example of why our Parliament needs to be subject to the Official Information Act,” Mr Horan says.
Brendan Horan says he is also concerned that the New Zealand First Leader could be misusing taxpayer funds. “I am concerned at reports I am hearing regarding overseas junkets, use of contractors and consultants, and other serious mis-spending. Certainly Mr Peters refuses to follow normal practice and report to his caucus on how the Leaders Budget - some $2.5 million in the current Parliament - is being used. I challenge him to open the books so that taxpayers can be sure the money is being used only for proper purposes.

Will some intrepid journo please ask  Mr peters whether the nag was purchased using money from the party leader's fund?

Was it a gift from racing interests for whom Mr Peters arranged huge windfall profits when he was racing minister?

Was he using some version of Te Reo when he burbled on yesterday about poocroonary interests?

Who pours him into his suit each day?


gravedodger said...

Who pours him into his suit each day?
A couple of old gits are regulars one is Bill Grant the other is a guy Walker with a penchant for dark clothes.

Paulus said...

Who financed the deal - very special friends in the Racing Industry ?
Was the unreturned $158,000 used to finance the deal ?
Was he Minister of Racing at the time ?