Monday, May 19, 2014

Never post based on initial reports

I just deleted one about road safety being improved by the Darwin award earned by the petrolhead waster in this story, only to have later versions of the story reveal said petrolhead waster is still alive.  No doubt his friends and family are thrilled to hear he may recover and live to endanger or end other people's lives for many years to come - me, not so much.


Budgieboy said...

Pretty harsh for you Milt? (I read the previous post as well)

Don't disagree with the sentiment but it seems harsh coming from you.

gravedodger said...

I dont think so Milt but your call and I respect that fact.

The law around "accessory" seems to be so applicable in these moments of inexplicable madness.

Until passengers refuse to get into cars with homocidal maniacs' that tragedy is bound to occur again and again.

Doesn't bear thinking about but what if an innocent people mover had got in their path as they careened across lanes and a mom dad or teacher had been extinguished along with twelve children heading home from a sports tourny or similar????

It was not an accident it was a totally avoidable car crash, end of story.
Sadly for the two dead so far and their grieving families, no "and they lived happily ever after".
Most of my sympathy and empathy is directed to the Police , Firies and Ambos who had to remove the bits from the scene.

Spam said...

Is "Petrolhead waster" likely to get as strong a negative reaction as "ferals"?

Phil Blackwell said...

People make mistakes.

PM, I'm glad you removed the post (I didn't read it) because it's too easy to forget the stupid things us old farts did when young that we were lucky enough to survive.

I remember for instance the first time I did 100mph on a motorcycle - it was on the road between Hawea and Wanaka, New Year's day. I was 18 and wearing shorts, a singlet and jandals.

The first time I did 100mph in a car was in an A90 and I won't recount the details even today.

Young people in particular do silly things for thrills, don't be too hard on them. They simply are doing what young people have done ever since there have been young people.

Phil Blackwell said...

Phil Blackwell = MT_Tinman

Sorry for the confusion.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


There's a huge difference between what you did and what this fellow did. The latter was a hundred times moe likely to kill someone and he did.

Psycho Milt said...

I'm being harsh, yes, but these guys push all my buttons. I get that yoofs take risks, and in mine I occasionally drove drunk, drove recklessly and drove an unwarranted vehicle. Twats like this are in a different league - they're a clear and present danger to every driver, cyclist and pedestrian on the road, as well as to their passengers. Sooner or later they kill people, and if they kill only themselves, I call it a net gain for road safety. Unfortunately, road safety wasn't the winner on the day in this instance.