Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mr Doxit

Who remembers Paul Henry and the furore caused by his remarks over the name of an exceedingly thin skinned female Indian politician? 

Yesterday, at around 4.15.NZ time, Adolf dropped a note to Whaleoil,  suggesting there might be a story lurking at TV3, what with the recent shellacking of Campbell by the PM, Campbell's ludicrous non expose of spying and conspiracy the other day and yesterday's banishment of TV3 from the High Court.  I wondered what his show's ratings were doing.

The reply was brief and immediate.

"Read my 5.00 pm post.'

What took me by surprise was the huge 50% drop in the ratings for Campbell's appalling show.  In most private businesses when half your sales are lost you replace your salesman but in this case there don't appear to have been any whispers.  The show's sponsor, Mazda, must be getting cold feet unless it has cut a deal whereby it pays so much per viewer for its sponsorship.

Then there are the letters to Mazda from annoyed viewers, protesting at the company's sponsorship and vowing to cease buying its products.  If these turn out to be in large number and sales are adversely affected then all hell most certainly will break loose.

Therefore I was interested to see a comment asserting that TV3 were setting up Campbell for a fall so that he could be replaced by none other than Paul Henry of Dixit fame.

Hell, if they did that, I'd start watching the show again.

What would they call the show?   'Henry'?       'Henry on the Bone'  (The NZ Rottweiler of journalism?)

Whatever it was called I'd expect an immediate bounce in viewer numbers as centre right viewers flood back for some decent and balanced commentary.

Why, the new host could even refer to his predecessor as Mr Doxit.

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