Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Today is Federal Budget day in Canberra.

Today, we here in the lucky country, the real one, will glimpse what we dodged when Key and English wrestled the Treasury from the Megalomaniac and the History Don.

Joe Hockey will be sweating as he attempts to unravel what the tangled bureaucracy, Corporate welfare, trade union corruption and the shambles vote buying largess has wrought on the West Island.

I am sure when John Key called for economic parity with Australia he had no intention of watching the previous "lucky Country" plummet down the other lift shaft while Lil Ole NZ Inc was riding up.

While we agonise over delivering welfare to more and more citizens through programs that destroy self reliance and personal responsibility, Joe Hockey has to make some bellwether creations to reign in  a long term budget deficit that threatens to become intractable.

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