Saturday, May 3, 2014

Minister of Toast

In the post below this one, Adolf thinks the documents released about Judith Collins' dinner with Oravida officials and a Chinese customs official vindicate her story.  I think it does the opposite.

Here's how it looks to me like it played out:

1.  Collins' office asks MFAT for a briefing because a Chinese customs official "has agreed to meet with the Minister" and a company her husband directs over dinner.  Also, she'd like the ambassador to attend.

2.  The ambassador, recognising the blatant conflict of interest involved and obvious shitstorm waiting to happen if word of it gets out, says something along the lines of "You must be fucking joking, matey - I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole."

3.  In light of that response, Collins renames the Chinese official's meeting with the Minister and her husband's company a "private dinner" and her office tells MFAT no briefing is required.

4.  The meeting goes ahead without the ambassador, and shortly afterwards the company donates $30,000 to the National Party.

5.  Word does get out, the obvious shitstorm happens, and Collins has no choice but to refuse to answer questions about the meeting or what the ambassador said about it.  The Speaker invites the public to draw their own conclusions from that refusal, and with the help of these documents we're able to do so.


Watcher said...

Hopefully the media will do a OIA request on the MFAT docs and save the diplomat from been the fall guy.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Two months after Collins' "private dinner" a thirty thousand dollar donation from Oravida shows up in the National Party coffers.

This absolutely stinks, and demonstrates why National are so lamentable. Their sole purpose in entering politics is to fatten the wallets of themselves and their friends.

Paulus said...

What a farce ! Great Yawn - like an All Blacks match.
A waste of time.
Pity Labour/Greenpeace have no business friends - nobody would touch them anyway.
If Labour hope to gain from this watch the next opinion polls.
No friends Cunliffe and no Policy that is coherent. All bullshit jealousy.

Edward the Confessor said...

Poor old Paulus. After years of accusing the previous administration of corruption, when presented with an actual case of real corruption by his team his only response is to declare that the opposition is jealous that they don't get to practice it. He should stick to reciting the talking points the Nats distributed via Slater. Thinking for himself isn't his strong suit.