Friday, May 16, 2014


David Cunliffe needs to demand his money back from Linda Clark if his performance yesterday in the House was anything to go by.    You can see him here in all his 'glory'.      John Key in his response here absolutely creamed him.

Perhaps John Key's most devastating line (directed at Grant Robertson) ....don't worry son, in 127 days, 3 hours and 55 minutes you'll be the leader of the Labour Party .... and David looked pained and Grant smirked.

But really David, when you write your speech some days out you need to have the political smarts to rejig it to take account of budget announcements.    What possessed you to stick with that portion of the speech where you panned the Government for failing to address the issue of child poverty when a major plank of the budget was to provide free health care for all children up to age 13?     That just made you look stupid.    Clearly you and thinking on your feet are like chalk and cheese..

Methinks the smirk on Grant Robertson's face is going to get bigger and bigger in the coming daze.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'in the coming daze.'?

Methinks the daze already has arrived - at Labour Party HQ.

Paulus said...

As I have said before Grant must be rubbing his hands, along with his new Deputy Jacinta.
It is all playing into his hands.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a long cold winter for Labour activists. ...they be better to go home and watch shortland st reruns on their winz funded sky.


Anonymous said...

Did Karen Price really say the David Cunliffe called her a silly woman?

Fem Lib