Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make Your Bloody Mind Up Stuff.



1000 years of 'unstoppable collapse'

This glacier alone acts as a lynchpin holding back enough ice to raise the sea level by 4 metres.

 This part of Antarctica would be a major contributor to sea level rise in coming decades and centuries since the glaciers hold enough ice to raise sea levels by 1.2 metres. 

In their desperation to make capital from the ravings of lunatics Stuff have a wee problem.
Is it the alarmist four feet or the catastrophic thirteen feet, that is the go or is it just same old garbage in garbage out making shit up program.

As the ice melts in my Gin and tonic at 1700 hrs the level will go down but that is because I have drunk it and swmbo aint filled it up again.

Do the raised lakes Tekapo, Pukaki, Ohau, Manapouri, Hawea, Taupo plus the new lakes Benmore, Avimore, Waitaki Roxburgh, Dunstan, Maraetei, Karapiro, Arapuni, Atiamuri, Ohakuri, Whakamaru, Arapuni, Waipapa and the millions of liters in the upper Waitaki canals equate to the receding glaciers for water held back from the oceans?

Could do ones head in if contestable funding became available to pseudo scientists trying to make a case for Armageddon eh.

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JC said...

In fact the translation of science gobbledegook and hysterical headlines is there could be a rise in sea level of *4 inches* over the next *200-900 years*