Friday, May 9, 2014


There is no doubt in my mind that Kelvin Davis will be a valuable addition to the Labour caucus.   He has a track record as an educationalist and community leader not afraid to speak out on the issues confronting Maori and is respected by all sides of the political divide in the Far North.     Just a pity that at the time of the last election he was shunted down the Labour list in favour of the 'Rainbow' and 'Feminazi' element and lost his seat.

Give me Kelvin Davis over Hone any day for his ability to make a real contribution to Maori going forward.     He is so much better than other Maori Labour MP drones like Mahuta and Tirikatene who are there solely on the strength of their names and remain invisible in the House..    More importantly, he, unlike Hone, is not permanently mired in the grievance mode with no desire to break the mold.    He knows that when you point the finger, three fingers point back at yourself and that Maoridom has to take ownership of the challenges facing it.

So, the question for me is does the Maori Party have the smarts to allow Kelvin a clear run at the seat rather than putting up a candidate and splitting the anti Hone vote.

Serious question.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A very good question. I certainly hope they do.

Of course,Mr Davis is in the wrong party and it must be only a matter of time before, like Shane Jones, he finds his membership to be soul destroying.

Paulus said...

As before Labour will not give him a high enough list placing.
He is not a woman, homosexual or a trade unionist. Teacher and Maori - but not good enough.
Already the existing Labour MP's are lobbying hard to stay at least in their lists - because some of them will not make it, and they know it.
The unions are loading the new lists now that they are in charge.