Sunday, May 25, 2014

John Hamstrung opines Cunliffe and Labour are now ready to govern.

Sadly the New Zealand voters haven't caught up with that yet.

Around 50% of them are of the opinion the rabble are still just that.

Oh it was not all Dunkirk, Cap"n Mumblefuck's replacement at GHQ in the War Room has regained a margin of error improvement for PM but I guess that was entirely predictable when he languished in single figures.

Whistling in the dark doesn't cut it you NZLP propaganda merchant, they are exposed as the jumble of sect, pressure groups and marginalised nincompoops Helen Clark preordained would be the remnant of her now clapped out carriage to the Airport and on to New York.

Weeks of drama in the beltway have produced only further negativity and His about to be Excellency Shane Jones must be one of very few drinking Bollinger tonight, hopefully the Nats are all at work making things stay that way.

Meanwhile back at the Herald,  Hamstrung's message bank will be smoking as Mat orders up the next assault across no man's land, just maybe therein lies the problem, "no mans"!!!,  Eh Damien?

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