Tuesday, May 20, 2014

India Is Now In Charge,

And if the current shambles indicates Justice then a french cut missing leg stump is "well played old chap".

Whiney Lou suddenly turns on the mates he was quite happy to cheat on for a bit of filthy lucre.
More to try and escape all repercussions of his inclination to dump on the once great game as the truth comes out and more to save his yellow hide than any suggestion of a road to Damascus conversion to what is right and honorable

Mr X known to some inside the increasingly corrupt tent that runs World Cricket including the CEO of NZC, remains the focus of speculation and finger pointing.

The leak, sanctioned or further evidence of the total corruption that has emerged as the cornerstone of the once noble game is now only making waters already toxic, increasingly muddied.

Only because all the big money, official and corrupt now has its foundation in the Sub Continent and mainly in India, the whole stinking mess has all the credibility of a Mafia Don kissing his rivals cheek  as a show of solidarity and agreement.

Our two daughters used to work on Turoa Ski field and when anyone was found wanting, staff or public, for any reason, "There's one on every bus " became the universal explanation.

Sadly it seems it is now a lot more than one and it  includes the driver, the owner, the mechanic, and the baggage man on  the bus that is International Cricket; Tests, Pajama and hit and giggle.

Bit like watching that much loved old uncle succumb to a terminal disease,actually.


Tinman said...

Who does this "leaking"?


It has been well known for years in cricketing circles (and close to cricket circles) that Vincent was a professional cheat, no surprises there but "cricketer X" is bad news.

Notably this corruption has surfaced only because of candyfloss cricket - cheating in test cricket (Cronje etc.) was quickly jumped on.

Cheating is not limited to the great game of cricket though, soccer and tennis have had some serious problems recently, soccer probably more widespread and serious than cricket.

Anonymous said...

Very good post, GD.

Sheesh, cricket has got some huge problems, it really has.
Anyway - I only hope that McCullum's amazing innings for 302 at the Basin wasn't affected by all this. As long as *that* wasn't fixed (and I don't think it was), then I think that is a good way for me to end my interest in the game for the foreseeable future.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One is left wondering at the remarkable victories of NZ over India.

How much money was won by gamblers off that series?