Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hypo Hypocrite!!!

The Great Brown Hope for Northland who has predicated his electoral image on dope smoking idlers and handout driven no hopers on welfare has officially nailed his colors to the mast of the super yacht flagship of possibly the most notorious member of the odious hated one percenters in the nation.

It is widely reported that the worst kept political secret has reached public announcement stage.

It has also within minutes triggered the first resignation among prominent adherents of Mana with Sue Bradford reportedly handing it all back to Mr Hadfield due to the total hypocrisy.

First question who will be the leader of the political wing of the tech brigade?
Martyn Bradbury would be my first choice.

That Hadfield has prostituted himself is no surprise what so ever, his character would struggle to eclipse a  knob of feral goat shit.
That so many Maori see him as a leader besides being a total injustice is an indictment on the educational achievement and moral lassitude of so many of those welfare has condemned.


The Veteran said...

It hurts me to say this but I too am bound to associate myself with the many other commentators who have congratulated Sue Bradford for sticking to her principles.

She at least has honour. Something crim.com and Hone wouldn't know if it bit them in the bum.

Barnsley Bill said...

It will be Nandor Tanczos