Friday, May 2, 2014

HE Pleaded Guilty FFS.

Listened to Larry Williams cross examining Williamson, Newstalk Hosking Breakfast after 0700

He answered every question with no hesitation not even an um or aah, yet Larry went on and on until page end, any reasonable jury would struggle to convict, notwithstanding he had already entered a guilty plea.

Then I read the astonishing transcript of Gower's foam flecked effort  published on Whaleoil, was that from a Nuremberg Rally c1938, or The Wolfs Lair c1944

I know the shrieking socialists want any National MP to resign their seat as they think that will bring down the Government and I can see why, with four more months of their dearth of policy, bedtime fairy tales and internal squabbling,  they can only see September 20th as another Dunkirk where they will be lucky to keep their equipment just as happened to the BEF but they might just preserve a nucleus of their corps to rebuild an army. Two things might thwart that master strategy, the co-leaders of the MP, it might need Banks, Collins and Williamson to be pushed under the bus.

As for the redesigned Captain Repeater who kept firing like a Lewis gun with a seized trigger mechanism until his media person threw a bucket of cold water over him. If that is media training Shearer had a lucky escape indeed.


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

"with four more months of their dearth of policy"

Labour, or the Nats?

pdm said...

I haven't heard either of those interviews/reports but one thing is for sure - Larry Williams is no socialist. Perhaps he has a contract or ratings review coming up.

gravedodger said...

GoG where is your cave, has none of the good news from multiple sources around the world been unavailable to you or are you so decluded in attitude you ignore the obvious.

Normally sitting administrations run on their record and the current government has a record that only creates envy.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

"Normally sitting administrations run on their record . . ."

Well, they've certainly got all bases loaded when it comes to crony capitalism and doing favours for donors!

gravedodger said...

Not forgetting how Labour/labor governments introduce policies to reward their union mates and now overlords.
Take a gander at the unholy shambolic mess Whitlam, Keating, Hawke, Rudd and Gillard have saddled the lucky country with, by being such good mates for the union donors.
That is real cronyism and only available to the unions, mainly those at the top table.
Compared to union manipulation of socialist administrations the amateur hour efforts of National are small change.
Perhaps you could shed light on the now oh so shy donor to Mr Cunliffe's secret trust. Oh hang on that was only to get the top job so nothing to see here move along.
Couldn't possibly be corruption it was socialists and just as Maori cannot by definition, be racist, socialists cannot be corrupt.

I am not a member of or donor to National but I can see and experience good economic management when I see it and The famous Dr who could not apply a bandaid demonstrated very little of that skillset.

Tinman said...

Williams was a traffic cop - i.e. predisposed towards scumhood, socialist or not.

Paulus said...

I expect Williamson to get an increased majority in the election, from the Asian community knowing that he bats for them.

Anonymous said...


Was Williams based in Timaru as a cop?

Tinman said...

Anon, yes.

Nookin said...


I remember him. He then went to Radio Caroline as I recall. He wasn't bad as traffic cops go. He has beefed up a bit now, though.

[Sorry about the anon post. Got ahead of myself.]

Edward the Confessor said...

ROFL. Paulus thinks that "the Asian community" will vote for Willliamson coz' he will call the cops and get them off every time they beat their wives. Only you're that retarded, chum.

Once again, the strident manner in which you guys cheer-lead for corruption is quite astounding. Bit of a stench surrounding the Nats now though, eh fellas?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Eddie The Con

The only thing that stinks around here is the comments from idiot trolls.

Anonymous said...

Larry Williams is not a socialist. I recall his being a traffic cop in CHCH and in Timaru. I also recall him being an aggressive cricketer too. I respect him as a balanced interviewer but sadly Newstalk is steering left. Listen to Corkery, Smalley et al and you'll get my drift.


Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, Paulus does stink a bit. Not as bad as the National Party caucus room, but still.

Did Williamson sign the painting he allegedly did of Liu's house though? That could be the smoking gun.