Friday, May 23, 2014

For all Those Who Moan........

...........about how good things are in Australia here's a little something:-

  • Australia’s population of 23.5 million is about 5.2 times New Zealand’s, but as of June last year we had 8.4 times as many public servants…
  •  Australia's government will spend $6200 a person on cash welfare next year, over 25 per cent more than New Zealand’s government will on each of its citizens 
  • Australian state and federal governments will lavish more than $4600 a person to keep Australians alive and healthy, almost 50 per cent more than is spent in New Zealand.
  • The marginal income tax rate most Australians will pay from July — 34.5 per cent — will be higher even than New Zealand’s top 33 per cent rate, which makes a mockery of our 49 per cent top rate, which will be higher than China’s and France’s.   
That last one is the real kicker.  I've always said its the take home pay which matters, not the wage rate. 


Angry Tory said...

Straya at least has Abbott - who is cutting taxes, cutting benefits, cutting the ABC and will deal to unions and greenies.

NZ has Key and English - who Radio NZ said has just handed down the most leftwing budget ever in NZ's history

For all the shit they talk, RadioNZ has been the only MSM outlet to call Key a communist; and the only MSM outlet to call English's budget what it is: bright, deep red, with a few splashes of bright green.

Frankly if you elected Key is now so far to the left that Hellen would have thrown him out of her cabinet, and English so spendthrift that Cullen would have had him fired.

gravedodger said...

Angry look what the polls are saying to Abbott and Cos I mean Hockey, pretty much what happened to Ruth Richardson who maybe delivered the last budget that you didn't give a kicking to.
Politics is not only about perception it is predicated on the achievable.

The Gantt Guy said...

"...predicated on the achievable.."

by which you mean people should STFU and vote for one of two options:
(a) Labour/Greens and hasten the decline, or
(b) National & Co, and manage the decline.

Key had - and squandered - a massive political capital in 2008; a once-in-a-generation opportunity to roll back some of the profligate waste of the prior decade. But because he isn't bound by any principles such as bind Abbott, he held hands with radical separatist terrorists, rabid greenies and other far-left kooks and skipped merrily along the path to societal destruction.

His behaviour is expected of Labour/Green politicians. We - particularly Conservatives - have a higher standard for National/ACT/LNP politicians, which is why we so despise the likes of Key, Finlayson, Smith, English and Turnbull.

Edward the Confessor said...

Poor Gantt. Abbott will be gone in a landslide after one term as the Australian people are embarrassed by him. That's because of his much vaunted principles, and the fact that he's a weird sleazy creep (ie the reasons you have a man crush on him).