Friday, May 30, 2014

Couldn't Make this stuff Up. Could you?

Police are investigating a reported disturbance outside the "Dancing With Yesterdays Stars Ballroom".

The affray was spontaneous and appeared to begin when alleged red haired ex brothel owner started clawing at the eyes of a slim mature grey haired lady who the ginga claimed had called her an old pimp.
The as yet unidentified member of greypower was said to have screamed, "I Said Gimp, not pimp, you old tart".

Meanwhile a bunch of aging male "E" list  patrons were seen arguing with a large man with a foreign accent over who would pay for a taxi.
One bystander was heard singing something like;
"Kimi only had one ball,
Kumi had two but very small,
The Hone had no Cajone,
And poor  deLaila had no balls at all."

Things deteriorated when an unidentified bystander yelled put a Corkry in it and the police withdrew whistling music eerily similar to the theme tune from Bridge over the river CRY

Green Party Prime Minister elect has called for an inquiry but all inquirys were said to be overcome with embarrassment and declined to step up unless their share of the loot was increased and correctly pointed out as true supporters of workers rights it was actually after five pm.

Winny Depleters could not be reached for comment and it was claimed recently refurbished CBD eatery 'The Green Spiggot' was closed for a private function.

Update ;  A spokesperson for Capital and Coast Health has reassured the public rumors of an escape of persons detained under the Mental health Act are exaggerated but on further questioning, admitted there are ongoing inquiries into irregularities over the status of some day clinic clients.


Chris said...

Well put, GD a good summary

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks.