Thursday, May 29, 2014


If the dark side of politics is prepared to rort the electoral system with the 'marriage-of-convenience' between the Crim.Con and the Mana Party to be dissolved six weeks post the election then National should take a leaf out of their books and do the same.

Can I suggest in all seriousness that National, ACT, the Conservatives and United Future should campaign as a single entity (let's call it the National Alliance) with a single list.      The three 'minor' parties to be allocated positions on the list in the band 55-65 (as an incentive for them to get out and do the hard yards rather than coast on in as they would if they were positioned somewhere near the top).    Post the election the four parties to sit in the House under their respective names with ACT, the Conservatives and United future free to negotiate with coalition deals with National, each in their own right.

Consider the advantages.   No messy 'gifting' of electorate seats necessary and no wasted votes with the Centre/Right maximizing  its electoral support.     The disadvantage ... sure it has the makings of  a rort but MMP is full of rorts happening and waiting to happen.

And the beauty of it all is the the Left can't respond in kind.   Winston First will never work with the Greens ... he said it so it must be true.

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