Tuesday, May 13, 2014

But Some Are More Entitled Than Others.

Sorry Mr T (not silent) ,your actions were misuse of company funds, property and time.

Sort of "theft as a servant" in my uncomplicated world.

Mind you, aspiring to add Labour MP to your CV is a very appropriate fit.

In your world you may see no problem with your activism involving your employment position and place of work but should you consult every single shill who has been hellbent on "getting Collins" and they are sincere in their response you might just be a little surprised at their advice.

Apologies and acknowledgements to Dominion breweries and the estate of George Orwell.


Watcher said...

"The investigation found no evidence of political bias in programmes Mr Taurima was involved in."

Why suggest that he has?

Misuse of property yes but where does your claim of bias come from?

Oh of course.... politicians.
Yeah Right!

Geez every political journalist would have been slandered by that lot at some time.

gravedodger said...

@ Watcher are you seriously claiming a person so embedded in the world of the NZLP as deeply as Taurima, would never allow a shred of bias to impinge on his work.

Pull the other one, I guess on that basis Corrin Dann is also completely unbiased.
Dont take my word for it get a person well informed on 'body language' to review some of his more controversial work.

Just because they "found no evidence of bias", did it occur to you they didn't look that hard and it was dark, LOL.

The inquiry was an inhouse proforma exercise in whitewashing a dunny, the smell was still there at the end.