Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bevan Who?

In 1991 an Aboriginal Australian was sentenced to a substantial term of imprisonment following conviction for  the rape and murder of a young woman.

Yesterday it was reported he had been paroled from a correctional facility.

This man convicted of an horrendous crime would not have warranted any publicity on release but for one fact.

The now 41 year old is the brother of Rugby League Legend and current Maroons coach Mal Maninga.

So much for a convicted criminal being released by due process to try and rejoin society following serving his sentence.

It is resonably established fact that members of the original inhabitants of the West Isle are in deep turmoil trying to come to terms with coping with the massive changes European civilisation has wrought on their very nomadic and once proud history.
The splurge of publicity and media glare has quite possibly made his transition to life in society an almost unsurmountable mountain and it is only happening because he has such a high profile and successful sibling.

I guess it is pointless bringing the baying pack of moronic and talentless pseudo journalists to book as their collective intellect denies them sufficient nous to see their behavior might be so destructive.
Many of these retards revel in attempts to bring copious guilt upon those who have joined up with the Lucky Country, for  historical depredations and ill treatment of the "first people", non of their making, yet here they are seeking a bit of relevance as they increase the pressure on Bevan Maninga because he happens to be Mal's Brother and would in any other circumstance been released with absolutely zero notice.

The worst part in all this they will never understand.

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