Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avondale Mosque

New Zealand has had its first taste of the Religion of Peace at work.  

 The centre's administrator was brutally beaten two weeks ago after issuing trespass orders to a Salafist imam and some of his supporters, and spent 10 days in hospital with fractures and eye injuries.

Assault, threats of violence, death threats and harassment.

It's up to the Muslim community to stand up  to these stone age bullies and it's up to the police and Government to back them to the hilt. The Islamist perps must be arrested and dealt to under the full force of the law.  Long jail sentences and/or  deportation are the order of the day

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OlderChas said...

I could not agree more. please do not let New Zealand become almost lawless as parts of England, France etc have become. Make our stand from the start and nip this in the bud now.