Saturday, May 31, 2014

Are The Inmates in Charge at the Assylum?

No nothing to do with the current conniptions in the NZ political left, this is about the intellectually challenged Mafia who run Australasian Rugby League.

Brent Tate,  ex Warrior, and current midfield back for the Maroons was left shaken for some minutes after being lifted and dumped by NSW's Josh Reynolds in Wednesdays State of Origin encounter in Brisbane.

Several weeks ago the controlling body of Australasian Rugby League went through a whole lot of faux outrage after Alex McKinnon of the Newcastle ARL team was left a quadriplegic in a Club game against Canberra when in a gangtackle his head was driven under his body and he tragically broke his neck.
In that tackle there was no lifting, certainly to any degree as evidenced in Reynolds on Tate.

For ever in the leadup to internationals between Kiwis and Kangaroos there have been an incredible list of incidents in ARL Club games that have seen key Kiwi players coincidentally banned for variable periods including the date of an upcoming  Test. Absolutely no connection between that date and a possibility that the player could threaten the desired result wanted for the Kangaroos, sheesh that could call into question the morals and standards of that fine body of men charged with running the game.

Now that glaring aura of inconsistency has again been exposed with the astonishing leniency afforded Reynolds and his availability for remaining SoO games, where The NSW 'Blues" are seeking to break a  seven year series losing streak.
All the great sounding heartfelt concerns to eliminate potential life threatening and in McKinnon's case career ending dangerous tackles, has without ceremony been dumped into file thirteen.

For ever it has also been clearly evident that the judiciary response to incidents in State of Origin spectaculars has been demonstrably less onerous for dangerous play, fighting and all round old fashioned Biff than in the weekly club games, unless of course it involves a key member of a Kiwi selection for an upcoming Test..
This latest clanger where Reynolds was allowed to plead guilty to a vastly downgraded charge and thereby remain a starter for Game 2 is right up there in the list of manipulations to allow advantage seen as desirable by the totally discredited officials running the ARL and equally suspect as to motives appointed judiciary.

I guess that should not be so surprising as those sitting in judgement are clearly descended from convicted criminal stock where such inconvenient facts are to be ignored as barriers to the successful running of the 'Game'.

That outcome is also extremely insulting to now severely disabled Alex McKinnon who has subsequently been placed in a manufactured position to assuage any lingering guilt for the games Mafia, all that wailing and faux expressions of making the game safer just went out the window of ARL HQ.

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