Monday, May 12, 2014

Another way to spend, make that rort YOUR MONEY!

Creepy, conniving, cunning, 'thumbhead'  Cunliffe has joined the chorus for taxpayer funding of election campaigns.

In an extension of the complete bollocks beatup around The Cabinet Club, entirely legal and well established by precedent, fundraising by The National Party, the incompetent and increasingly desperate  temporary leader of the now minor party remnant of the once relevant and powerful NZLP, has accepted the reality that faces his now moribund gaggle of gays and unionists.


Helen Clark managed a defacto state funding of Labour election costs by appropriating taxpayer funds to the extent of some $800 000 to fund election expenses in defiance of significant advice it was illegal, from multiple opinions.
Not satisfied with getting away with it from the Electoral Commission she then legislated to make further private judicial opposition go away.
Another supporter of taxpayer funding and leader of a personality cult, still has not accounted for his dodgy $150 000 odd, missappropriated funding.

The socialist left, both the labour and green wings, already receive much largess from the trade unions in the form of signage, parallel campaigning and donations of cash, obscured with their almost always late and incomplete accounts along with the clear  and obvious subverting of parliamentary funding for publicity and travel. Add in a parliamentary funded Chief of staff who is a trade union appointed campaign strategist in Thumbheads office and a trend is clear.
All that in no way creates any atmosphere of fraudulent activity in their myopic view as the arrogance implicit in the mantra of "whatever it takes", trumps any potential  embarrassment or admission of fraudulent application of such funds.
Then we put up with "hey look over there the other mob are crooks" as the Nats continue what has long been a normal and accepted fuding strategy.

As if the union leadership giving wholehearted support to the socialist cause without reference to the pertinent fact that a substantial component of the membership, now educated and understanding of how the economy works may well have no desire to support the economic midgets in the NZLP or The GP as it is all about the cause while   ignoring any contrary view.
All the while there is no compulsion involved in those choosing to get close to what at present are cabinet ministers, they pays their money voluntarily.
Those who for whatever reason donate to the two major wings of the socialist left do not all have that luxury and by extending the funding stream to Taxpayers via state funding it will only get a whole lot more inequitable.

Then the other great anomaly with potential for great wrong, I am yet to discover any, even remotely  fair funding model for new entrants with zero exposure to any of the criteria proposed for allocation.
In the volatile and transient nature of Party activity under our very convoluted MMP system, what occurred at the last general election is totally irrelevant one year later let alone three years on.
Who would have considered that the oh so precious greens and so many dissaffected ABC faction members would trek to the Coatsville mansion in search of funds from a reportedly very rich Finn/German resident, fighting extradition to the U.S., as if there was no hypocrisy or potential purchasing of influence. Not even any desire to influence policy just the raw intent  by the overweight convicted criminal to subvert the judicial process of our nation.

Should the disaster of Taxpayer funding become the law when the coalition from hell become the government and it is certain that will eventually happen,  will the army of unionists then be proscribed from donating their time and resources, I dont think so.

If a political movement whether it be a mainstream party or  a pressure/lobby group, is bereft of genuine support where nobody is willing to put their money up, I am at a complete loss as to why I should be required to donate to a cause that may well be totally opposed to everything I believe in.
Bob Jones purchased the downfall of Muldoon, Philip Mills gives generously to the GP, Colin Craig struggles to gain traction for whatever he actually stands for, Owen Glen gave a lot of gold to Peters and Clark only to be shat upon and Clive Palmer has purchsed a moment in the sun across the  Tasman. In reality only by way of the crazy bicameral system where a senate candidate with a miniscule suport in primary vote can be manipulated to a senate seat thereby allowing blocking of the programm of a duly elected House of Representatives, is all too easy.
Yes money can buy influence short term but to become entrenched as ongoing political power, in this day of so many sources of what is actual reality newswise, sustaining such influence is virtually impossible.

So to all the spend thrifts who would destroy my retirement dreams, get your sticky fingers out of my wallet, it is far too easy for you to steal from my diminishing pile of gold already.
Enough I say.


Allan said...

The Socialists and Communist are really a bunch of scumbags. Their policies do not attract those who can finance their electioneering so they decide that it is morally right to tax those who will be worse off under their brain dead, backward looking, idiotic policies to finance their attempts to get elected. What a morally corrupt bunch of low life this group of people are. Watching Cunliffe and Norman on TV just reinforces my dislike and disgust for the left and their policies.

Edward the Confessor said...

Grrrrrr! Roarrrrrrr!!!!! The right are ANGRY! Their RIGHT to buy power and influence is threatened! Beware the wrath of the mighty tory fucktard! Grrrrrrr! Froth spittle dribble.

Allan said...

The Right do not buy power Edward, they earn it through just fair policies that reward those who work, rather than penalize effort through taxation. The Left leaning Politics is one of envy, those who support this are those who have not got the balls, desire, or sheer determination to improve their lot through their own efforts but seem to feel that it is a god given right to have the same standard of living as those who actually make the effort to get ahead. The Right do not attempt to impose their views and way of life on the masses unlike the Left. If you actually read and understood history you would see that Communism and Socialisim have both failed miserably and in fact the only true way is the current way which actually rewards effort rather than penalizes it. I would call what we currently have is Capitalism with a conscious because it does have an ambulance waiting for those who fail but is not really penalizing those who are trying to better themselves. So might I say Edward, get your head out of your butt,stop feeling sorry for yourself and actually applaud those who make the effort to stop being a burden and contribute to society through effort, contributing through an enforced taxation scheme and who are actually the providers rather than the users who, unfortunately are the left leaning voters of this wonderful country that we call New Zealand.

Edward the Confessor said...

If the policies are so fair you won't need to buy them will you? So why do you spend so much money buying them? Are you retarded?

Allan said...

No Edward your retort just reinforces my view of the left. Absolute losers with no hope, no aspirations but a whole lot of envy for those who have achieved.

Edward the Confessor said...

Why on earth would pointing out your silly logical contradiction lead you to think such ludicrous thoughts, Al? Your retort just reinforces the commonly held view that far right weirdos are dull-witted, vicious and confused.

Psycho Milt said...

The Right do not attempt to impose their views and way of life on the masses unlike the Left.

That's pretty funny, given that the entire history of conservatism throughout the world consists of imposing its views and way of life on the masses.

If you actually read and understood history you would see that Communism and Socialisim have both failed miserably and in fact the only true way is the current way which actually rewards effort rather than penalizes it.

Actually, people who read and understand history know that modern western society has involved socialists very successfully imposing limits on capitalism, specifically to prevent the kind of social Darwinism you espouse. Any conservative of 200 years ago would regard the National Party as Whigs of the worst, most radical sort.

Anonymous said...

This could be labour and red russel!