Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All They Had in Their Hands Were Their Dicks

That was the Labour Party today in parliament.  I shake my head in amazement.

After a huge media build up in which TVNZ, TV3, Fairfax and the oleaginous Herald all pretty much wrote off Judith Collins after today, Labour gave us a reprise of that wonderful quote from The Godfather.

When young Don Coleone set out to murder the then head of his crime family by shooting him during a private luncheon, he arranged fora loaded pistol to be left in the restaurant toilet cistern.  His parting admonition to his accomplice was this:

"When I come out of that John I want more than my dick in my hand."

They can't even pull off a decent assassination so how can they run the country?

And by the way, is this the same media which a couple of generations ago reported the imminent death of Winston Churchill, was it six or seven times?

What a hopeless bunch of incompetent comprised morons they've turned out to be.

Milt, if you think last week was bad for National, this week sure as hell is  worse your your mob.


Edward the Confessor said...
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Psycho Milt said...

Sure they weren't going to get anywhere. Danyl predicted it reasonably closely:

I doubt Collins is going to get ‘crushed’ in Question Time. She’ll say that she’s been cleared by the Cabinet Office. Robertson and Peters will insist that she’s misled the House. The Speaker will tell them off for asking ‘political questions’ (If you’ve never watched Parliament’s Question Time with David Carter as Speaker you might think I’m joking there, but no) and threaten to remove them from the chamber. Onto the next question.

Obviously, Collins wasn't going to break down in a tearful confession of wrongdoing. But she has presumably taken some hefty panelbeating sessions over the last few days and was under strict instructions to keep it down and let the accusations wash over her without making things worse - which she did.

But the damage is done. She's effectively been stood down to take the heat off, she's banned from Twitter and a majority on the Stuff poll think she should go. The 3News vultures have switched from persecuting Cunliffe to ambushing Nat cabinet ministers to ask them about legal-but-well-dodgy donation schemes. That's a pretty good result by local standards.

Paulus said...

What the Peters and Robertson's of this world have done is to derail Collins' bid for national leadership.
They were scared stiff that she might get to lead National.
She will still have a good part to play in the future of the Government.
So, watch in the future, for UTU - timing is still what matters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I think it takes a fevered imagination to assert that this jacked up saga in any way affects Ms Collins prospects of leading the party.

Last time I looked, Labour Party members did not have a vote on the matter.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And yesterday they did it all over AGAIN!!!

Watcher said...

Had an affect with Joe Public.
"A Labour-Greens alliance has overtaken National in the polls for the first time, in the wake of dramas surrounding Justice Minister Judith Collins and Maurice Williamson"

pdm said...

watcher - given poll trends over the last year the latst Roy Morgan, which often has big swings, may well turn out to be a rogue.

Merv said...

ROFL. So it's a rogue poll now. I suppose all the National Party voters don't have landlines either.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Don'r roll on the floor for too long.

You'll get fleas.