Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Bloody Great Sook.

Kerry-lee Charlton had a baby.

In Dunedin Hospital in January.

She and her Partner Shawn Hurring parked their car in a 30 minute park outside the front door.

The City have issued an infringement parking ticket for $70 that these two citizens feel is unfair.

It would have been a lot bloody unfairer if someone having a cardiac arrest couldn't park as close to that door as they did!!!.

Good old Shawn had time to return to feed the fricken meter but not to move their car occupying the 30 min park for half a day.

The council representative claimed had he paid the meter and MOVED his car to longer term parking a waiver was very likely.

I hope, most likely in vain, that someone will do a bit of digging into the background of these two entitled bludging pricks, I warrant it will be revealing in soooo many ways.


Anonymous said...

Not hard to dig on this woman.
She's so "principled" about not paying her just debts that she went through a No Assets Procedure in 2011.

Noel said...

"30 minute park outside the front door."

Gee they are generous down in the south.

In Auckland there is a 10 minute drop off or pick up window after which the HIGH charges kick in.

Anonymous said...

WINZ also paid her overdue power bill once - just google her name.

Edward the Confessor said...

Man, there are some weirdo stalker creeps on the internet aren't there?

gravedodger said...

yep and one turned up at 5 52.
jeez i was worried.

Edward the Confessor said...

BTW, Gravetodger, it's good to see you focusing on the important issues, such as pee on trains and parking fines. Such topics are more suitable to the quality of your analysis and prose.

gravedodger said...

Gee thanks backward didn't know you cared.

Edward the Confessor said...

Of course I care, Gravetodger. Your self-parody of an incoherently outraged rural tory fucktard is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Ted is such a twat. The sad thing is he doesn't probably doesn't realize it being so immersed in his leftard mindset.