Monday, April 21, 2014

Where To Now...........

.......for the Waitangi Tribunal?

With the last major genuine claim (Nga Puhi)  about to be settled for somewhere less than $500m, the country will be faced with a Broracracy and pseudo judiciary with nothing to research,  argue about, or be paid out for.

The Brown gravy train will be over.

The country's labour market will be flooded with a great phalanx of unemployable lawyers with no real world experience, hordes of bullshit artists masquerading as specialist advisors, a whole gang of taniwha wranglers, tapu lifters, hapu shifters, koha enablers and diligent researchers who specialise in massaging two hundred year old hearsay and gossip into incontrovertible evidential fact.

The poor  bastards will all find themselves suddenly on the bones of their brown arses.

After all,  does anyone seriously think any of these people could rock up to BHP in Australia and seek employment assisting the company disperse its profits to a gang of whiteys masquerading as blackfellas because there might be a quid in it?  Nope.  Not a shit's show in hell.

So what to do?

Remember, you saw it here first.

The moment Nga Puhi gets its hands on half a billion dollars, you can guarantee a flood of new treaty claims against the tribe from those tribes vanquished by Nga Puhi during the musket wars from 1800 to 1835..  Ngati Whatua will be on the receiving end of these claims too - they helped Nga Puhi wipe out some 20,000 people from a total population of only 100,000.  Not only that, they killed and ate women and children, took men home as slaves and generally left behind a trail of mayhem and despair.

Far more stressful and traumatizing, methinks, than the arrival of a few pommy farmers and their families who have been blamed for everything that is wrong with today's Maori. 

The claims will be filed under the category PCTSD  -  Pre-Colonial Traumatic Stress Disorder. (In passing, it has been observed that many Maori leaders signed the Treaty of Waitangi in the hope that the British would put a stop to these inter tribal excesses.)

Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Mai Chen - I want ten percent commission please.


Barr said...

That's a good post, No Minister. Thank you for it. I agree with everything you say.

Barry said...

Meant to be Barry, not Barr. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Why have the bogus treaty claims to date been signed off without any other scrutiny than a corrupt racist quango to look after the taxpayers best interests?

Chris Finlayson and the National caucus should be flogged.

Watcher said...
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