Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where The Grass Really IS Greener

The Aussies are slowly waking up to the fact they are being beaten hands down by their long derided Kiwi cousins in the one sport which really matters - economic management and growth.

Much of the blame can be sheeted home to the Greens who bludgeoned a shonky lawyer PM into adopting a disastrous carbon tax.  In all the major industry closures of recent times the carbon tax has been a factor as the cost of energy sky rockets..

NZ Labour and their union bosses decry NZ as a 'low wage' economy but they forget the most important angle = a low paid job is better than no job.  Thus, for the first time in decades, more Australians are moving to NZ than Kiwis are moving to Australia.

From the link comes the killer quote:=

It is not for nothing that some now refer to New Zealand as the Saudi Arabia of lactose. This year the country’s export earnings per capita from dairy will be more than Australians will earn from iron ore.

And just as telling:-

Ten years ago Australia had a respectable 15 per cent share of the global dairy export market, and New Zealand enjoyed a not dissimilar share.
But while Australian milk production has been slipping by 1.7 per cent a year on average, annual production in New Zealand has been growing at 3.5 per cent.
This year Australia will supply just 7 per cent of the international traded market, but New Zealand will enjoy a 36 per cent year.

Well done New Zealand.

 Don't let the Greens and Labour fuck it all up in September 


Simon said...

NZ is just in a different position of the credit circle. Where Aust is now NZ will be in a few years time.

The RBA will start printing again soon enough.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


That must be the most inane comment I have ever seen.

Simon said...

Thanks Adolf given your following.