Sunday, April 27, 2014

They Just Dont get It.

How many of those who support the idionomics of Cunliffe, Parker, Norman, Peters et al, understand that moving to a Government controlled exchange rate, and that is exactly what they are proposing, will just create a little Casino for the International Finance operatives to gamble in, with our money.
Leaving us the losses and taking the profits. 

They will destroy savings, retirement funds, self funded retirement income, force exporters and traders to endure further and expensive instrument activity to complete deals, raise the cost of all imports and internal inflation when those added costs are applied to manufacture and transport within our country.

Instead of enjoying our freely traded currency, every NZ citizen will be forced to include the added costs that follow a fixed exchange rate, probably leading to the ludicrous situation of the mid 20th century when the bureaucracy with all its ineptitude and ignorance were involved in importing, exporting, travel and our entire internal economy.

That statee control delivered the almost megalomaniac Muldoon that drove NZ Inc to the brink of bankruptcy.
It also delivered the transparency and accountability that forces governments to reveal so much information they would rather remained covert, in legislation  from Douglas and  Richardson that has remained intact for over 20 years through all governments of all colors.

Now for no more than hoped for electoral advantage those economic midgets want to return to the dark ages.

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