Monday, April 28, 2014

The Victims Recieve A Life Sentence,

The perps and too many of their pantywaist supporters want anonymity and its associated shielding to be only available to a select few.

As in successfully negotiating the five stages of grief, the last stage requires acceptance.
It is similar for those convicted of law breaking and in the case of those who will make Ms Tolly's list, it requires  acceptance of their wrong doing as essential to moving on for those who prey on children, women and the weak with violence, sexual assault and other offending based on dominance.
I am extremely dubious about sex offenders turning their lives around, for starters so many truly believe their offending is not wrong thereby making acceptance an unattainable goal.

Many of those who oppose any degree of public availability of Minister Tolly's proposed sex offender register, claim serious adverse ramifications from such information being publicly available.

IMO they have it wrong for several reasons therefore much of that is bollocks.
1 If suppression orders are made even in opposition to the wishes of a victim, that action seriously precludes any further revelation even for a simple police check.

2 If a convicted individual has accepted the wrong in their offending then allowing that record to be public is a central plank in their acceptance and therefore how their action is viewed and judged by others.

3 relying on the Police to warn those who place themselves in a place of threat from an offender known to them is too open to abuse by omission.

4 Even one case of re-offending is too high a price to pay and there are far too many for that to have a value.

Recent publicity around teachers preying on children in their care  are often revealed as first offending but maybe in truth just a first time found out.
One case I had involvement in over 20 years ago where I believed the offender and sincerely believed he was set up, only to have him plead guilty at  the start of trial. Any doubts about that were totally erased when a further offence reached court with subsequent conviction when the previously sole rural teacher gained employment as a school bus driver on release from the poky and another victim received a life sentence .

Yes it appears harsh to have one "mistake" accompany someone through life but to me that is better than a second ruined life of an innocent because a convicted pedophile/rapist/ basher gains easy access to another victim.

I regard Derrin Hinch as a true hero, in the face of Authority he has performed civic duty that earlier this year saw him serve 50 days in a Victorian prison for ignoring a suppression order around the convicted killer of Jill Meagher by a serial offender on parole.
To make their point about what the system thought of Hinch's courageous stand, he served much of the time in a prison where the scum in his sights were serving their time and much of the 50 days were in solitary with one hour a day of lone exercise.

In the face of a seriously dysfunctional judicial system around parole, bail, privacy, and rights of some serious shitheads, the innocent public deserve a far greater protection than is currently available.

Any convicted perpetrator who has truly turned his life around, must have an ability to face ongoing consequences around previous convictions at any time, tough as that will be.

Always remembering that only some offending gets to conviction so there will still be a reservoir of offending that is never faced up to by the perp but a public register could have a potential to reduce further disasters and wrecked lives.
Btw Hinch was faced with a predatory offender in his home around age 8 and it was never prosecuted for the simple expedient his parents thought further trauma could be avoided by allowing the perp to return to his country, Australia where Hinch has carved out his career.
Derrin says that incident all those years ago plays no part in his crusade, be that as it may, boy is he doing something about what he sees as a great wrong, whatever is driving him.

How many sports coaches, teachers, youth workers, priests, and other predators seeking work in fields that present opportunities will it take for those opportunities to be proscribed by information  on priors being freely available sans any interference by the system.

Wont someone think of the children.

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Shane Ponting said...

If the punishment would fit the crime, there would be less talk about registers and what happens to them when they get out of prison.