Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm not a League man but that doesn't mean I can't acknowledge the game at its best as an exciting spectacle producing both passion and commitment from its supporters and particularly the South Auckland community where it enjoys a substantial following.  

League's focus is on the Club compared with Rugby where the focus, at the top end of the sport, is at the international level.

That brings me to the Warriors which by all accounts is a tremendously well resourced Club.     The reality is that in its two decades existence it has (with a couple of notable exceptions) promised much and produced very little.    Part of the problem is, I think, the hype that surrounds the Club typified by the likes of TV commentator Stephen McIvor who prefers warm fuzzies over hard analysis and home truths.   A by product of the hype is players who seem to believe rhetoric over reality.

It's not helped by an out-of-form Captain who appears to be lacking in leaderships skills and diverted from his task by the continued speculation that he is angling for a switch to Rugby with the attraction of the international game.

But all that pails into insignificance measured against the debacle surrounding the sacking of Coach Elliott.    First the management lie that he resigned and now a very public spat between the Club Chair and Sir Owen Glen as to whom is telling the truth.    The likely fallout from that can only damage the Club further.

Something is going to have to change and change fast least the Club implodes on itself.   That would be a disaster for the NRL and the New Zealand League community.   


The Realist. said...

The Warriors are a metaphore for the useless buggers who support the code! I'd rather watch paint dry.

The Ghost Of Greenwood said...

In American professional sport it is a well established maxim that the front desk (i.e administration) needs to be right before the team will be right.

Administrative squabbles, rumour and innuendo only serve as a distraction for the team.

The Veteran said...

Brave words Mr Realist Sir. Are you not fearful that the Paeroa Rugby League Football Club (aka the Paeroa Black Power) might come a knocking at your door for a little 'Come to Jesus' talk?

JC said...

The dominance of NZ rugby has long been attributed to its club structure supported and enhanced by inter provincial rivalry.

The Warriors don't have that spread of clubs and rivalries spread over the whole country and enhanced by different cultures and ethnic specialisation in different positions.

You see the Warriors problem with the Fijian national rugby team.. tremendous athletism in all positions doesn't give them squat internationally but look at how they perform in the Sevens where individual flair is so important in the wide open spaces.

To me the Warriors are too narrowly based in too many important areas to be consistent winners.


The Veteran said...

I see just reported that Sir Owen is now looking at quitting the Club.

Apparently his co-owner, Eric Watson, is offering him $1m for his 50% share which cost him $6.5m.

That sounds like Watson. If you shook his hand you would want to count your fingers after the experience.