Monday, April 28, 2014


There has been a fair bit of hubris and cant from across the political spectrum concerning the decision by Shane Jones to walk away from Labour and accept a job 'manufactured' for him by the Government.

On one hand he was touted as the Great Brown Hope of the Labour Party.
A person who could achieve 'cut-through' and appeal to the Waitakere Man aka middle New Zealand who have deserted Labour as failing to talk their talk let alone walking their walk.    Other left wing bloggers have panned Jones as shallow, lazy and never a team player.

The reality is that Shane had done the numbers and concluded (1) that Labour was dog tucker in 2014 and other 3/6 years on the opposition benches held no attraction or (2) that in the increasingly unlikely event of a Labour/Greens/ coalition government he was unlikely to attract sufficient caucus support to make it into cabinet.   

Consider this.   Shane has no time for the Rainbow faction so that's Robertson, Street and Wall gone;
the 'sisterhood' doesn't rate highly either so goodbye to Dyson, Fenton, Mackey and Moroney; Shane and unions/ists are like oil and water so he doesn't cut it with Beaumont, Fenton (again), Lees-Galloway, Little, Moroney (again) and Su'a while his relationship with the Maori caucus and particularly Mahuta isn't too flash.   With a lot of members anxious for a slice of the action and the number of positions available limited on account of the need to accommodate the Greens and Hone you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do the numbers.

With Jones refusing to rule out a return to politics ("you say never") I can see him jumping waka to Winston First sometime in the future.   Old father time is catching up with Winston and Jones, like Winston, attracts a cult following.   NZ First, if it is to survive post Winston needs some-one like Jones as leader.   Their Deputy Leader (whatever her name is) has the persona of a primary school teacher (with apologies to all good primary school teachers).   She doesn't cut the mustard.

Do I rate Jones?   Not really.    Lets put to one side the porno bit and the Bill Liu affair.   I can agree Jones is a populist and cult politician.   But I also agree with those who say he ain't too flash on doing the hard yards witness his failure as Minister to read his papers and allow the Greens to role him on on their proposal to force people to change their light-bulbs and limit their showers.    He scored a hit on Countdown and then buggered it up by calling for Countdown (only) to be barred from selling Lotto tickets and then to cap it off he wanted to limit the value of Lotto prizes on offer.    Pure Nanny state-ism.  

Jones will be remember by Labour for kicking it when it was down ... that will either be be a blow to his very large ego or water off a ducks back.     


Anonymous said...

Your trip report reminds me of the Hillman (yours then mine)which did the trip Melbourne to Brisbane (and back) in 1965 - those were the days!

Stewart 61

The Veteran said...

Stewart 61 .... possibly the wrong thread but fascinated and delighted to hear that the green machine held together to make such an epic journey. I bought it in Sydney for (I think) 60 pounds and drove it back to 'Jail' before selling it to you six months later for 50 pounds.

Happy daze.

Watcher said...

Aw come-on....Jones just acted like any trough feeder before him when he couldn't see any advantage for himself. Examples abound across all parties but Labour has a greater tradition.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... at least he had the sense to jump before the 'good' ship Labour went down tasking a raft of fellow troughers with it.

It would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall at Labour's List Ranking Cttee when they will be consigning a number of sitting MPs to positions on the raft with no hope of rescue.