Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kevin Or David - Take Your Pick

Here's a little quiz.   Of Rudd and Cunliffe, which did the following?

  • Invent a personal backround to enhance his political image
  • Invent policy on the run without consulting his own party
  • Earn the visceral hatred of his staff and colleagues
  • Preside over a massive decline in opinion poll ratings
  • Engage in incessent personal attacks on his political opponent
  • Tell lies on most if not all days
  • Pick his nose in parliament.
So far Cunliffe hasnt been caught on camera digitus proboscum.

The latest word on Rudd today is that he tried to persuade Israel to do a peace deal with the Ayrab terrorists in Gazza with Australian troops positioned on the border.  Luckily for the Australian troops, both Gillard and Netanyahu told him to fuck off.

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