Saturday, April 12, 2014

If A Week Is A Long Time........

.....then five months is an eternity.

I see Whaleoil this morning is suggesting National might win an outright majority in September, thanks to the antics of Harawira and Schmidz; the crass incompetence of Cunliffe; the decline of Peters and the job killing nutiness of the Greens.

This is quite a turnabout for Whale as not long ago he was berating National for having no coalition partners and therefore risking loss in September.  I always thought this was a bit over the top, given the existence of ACT, the CP and the Maori Party.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

What would happen to the electoral position if a national electorate MP with a large majority announced, say five weeks out from election date, he or she was leaving National to join the Conservtives or ACT? (A la Jim Anderton)  That might just upset a few people on the left.

I wonder who the possibles might be?

Those with eyes and ears might have noticed the Maori Party's devastating rejection of Herr Sdhmidz and all those cuddling up to him.  Remind yourselves how many Labour/Greens people made the trek to Berchtesgaden  and you'll see how foolish is the oft asserted manta 'off course the Maori Party would go with Labour if it held the balance of power.'

The toxic crook from Coatesville may well turn out to be the saviour of John Key's third term.


The Ghost Of Greenwood said...

By election time National will need coalition partners. I do wish Dotcom & Slater could resolve their differences though. Perhaps they stage a BMI competition?

Have to flip a coin on that one !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Slater? You must be joking.

Brownlee's your man.