Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Know It Can Be Difficult But------------------

Stuff has a prominent story about a family of five, Mum, Dad, and three spawn 15 to 18 who "are forced to live in a tent".

They had been in a campground until Easter bookings required them to vacate, leading to a relocation to Freedom Camping at Coe's Ford in Selwyn District, approx 35 kms from their school.
As we all know Easter camping 2014 was not idyllic

Various estimates of the rental for a tent site with amenities range upwards to $450 pw yet a house is unaffordable.

Mr loser has a job with a "roofer" and Mrs loser has a Benefit????? Spawn are not recorded as earning and two of the three are pupils at Hagley Community College.

A quick Google of Trademe houses to rent shows over 100 available using a simplistic criteria of two bedrooms under $400.

This piece of drivel masquerading as news raises more questions than revealing so called facts.
Under the byline of Ashleigh Stewart, it portrays a working family suffering serious deprivation and discomfort yet makes zero attempt to delve into the why.

It is suggested elsewhere, the last home they rented in Hills Rd in the NE of the City was vacated with arrears of rent owing, damage to walls, damaged furniture that formed part of the lease, and further allegations of non compliance leading to tenancy tribunal action.
Now those allegations Ashleigh, are the bits of your tale of woe that are relevant.

Also wondering what the circumstances around Mr with a job and Mrs on a benefit, adult children one not at a place of learning.

A very weak pathetic attempt to suggest how hard things are out there.
What sort of employment allows such a half arsed waste of space, carbon and oxygen to reach a supposedly leading MSM outlet.
Were you at the limit of your ability, or was this what you believed your political bias required of you.
As a supposedly trained  journalist I would expect shame to  almost destroy your self respect, then again you are probably blissfully unaware.


Marc said...

As much as one "Ashleigh" should take stock of his/her suitability to ever pen another pimping story or even sully the pages of a news site again, just as culpable is the editor who allowed this incredibly poorly written and researched bit of crap to ever be put to print. If Fairfax thinks they can pull the wool over the eyes of the majority of it's readers that are left when most of us appear better resourced than their paid staff, then it's no wonder their subscribers are decreasing at a rate of knots.

I also feel sorry for the subjects of this disgusting story, as they have now been given even more adverse publicity than they would otherwise have attracted. I hope you are proud of that Editor. In fact, I hope someone who knows them makes a complaint to the Press Tribunal.

One day newspapers will wake up and realise the internet HAS forever changed their old way of fooling most of the people most of the time with their political agendas. Hopefully for their shareholders it will be before they are placed in receivership.

Barnsley Bill said...

The child reporter did a follow up based no doubt in no small part to the absolute kicking she got from her own readers, twitter, facebook and assorted blogs.
Based on the shrieking from Poto Williams it is my guess that she was the feeder to the child reporter.
I read this story at 5.45 am that morning and five minutes later had found the tenancy decision against this feral family of vandals and fraudsters.
The crying shame of this story is that there are no doubt many genuine hardship cases in Christchurch.
This benefit fraudster family with their lies, thievery and vandal tendencies are not one of them.
The irony is that a Labour attempt to push a line in the Press has probably won national a few hundred extra votes in Christchurch.
I deal with muppets like this all day every day. They all cheat, lie, steal and generally make what is left of my hair come out in clumps.
I expect at this stage the wife is now kicked off the DPB, the priority housing position is running down her leg and they will have taken up his boss's naive offer of a roof.