Monday, April 21, 2014

How Long Will It Take?........

.....for the media's 'skilled and trained' political journalists to put aide their own prejudices and realise that the Maori Party actually is a serious mainstream party?  With few exceptions they seem to attribute to the Maori Party all the ratbaggery that is Mana.

Yesterday,  Tariana Turia nailed them to the wall.

  • "I don't believe they (Labour) deserve our vote, I don't believe they deserve the vote of the Pasifika people, because if there's one thing I've noticed since coming through and being a minister, is the very very poor resourcing of all Pasifika health, social services, you name it.''
  • "I think that our people have to ask themselves that for all the years that Labour were in government, the nine years of plenty, what is it that changed in their lives? What is it that Labour did that made them feel that things had changed for them, and have made a difference? And I want to say that when I look at kohanga reo, kura kaupapa, all the health services, all the social services, did any one of these things come out of the Labour Party? And the answer's no.''
  • She did acknowledge the party's relationship with National might have hurt it "because other politicians portray it as such''.  "When we're out there in the community amongst our people, our people have been really pleased with the gains that we have made.''

    And lastly, the funniest bit of all:-

    And as for choosing Prime Minister John Key to speak at a fundraising dinner at the Northern Club: "Well what happened is, we've had two fundraisers. We've spoken to the people who have agreed to come along to dinner, and we've asked them who they would like to have at the dinner to be the speaking guest. Both times they chose John Key.''



Barry said...

It's believable that they chose Key, because he's the awful so-and-so who has continued the expansion of the apartheid system that racially discriminates in favour of them as part-horis.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

She didn't say who the alternative speakers might have been.