Friday, April 11, 2014


I'm taking a break from postings through until the end of the month.   Mrs Veteran and I are in Oz, starting off in Melbourne and ending up in Brisbane, in between fending off Australians, snakes, mossies, kangaroos and things.  

Will be attending both the ANZAC Dawn Service and the parade in Brisbane before ending up on the good ship Miramar on the Brisbane river which is the after-match watering hole for Kiwis in Brisbane.

Nice to see a narrowing of the exchange rate.    


The Realist said...

Good boy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck fending off the Aussies. The other pests have antidotes.


watcher said...

Melbourne then to Brisbane real bush bashing?
Only noxious animal he will meet with be a Liberal politician.

Anonymous said...

"Only noxious animal he will meet with be a Liberal politician."

Yah forgot Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey dumbarse anonymous. You think The Barossa is somewhere between Melbourne and Brisbane?

No doubt you crossed the harbour bridge to get from North Shore to Coatesville.

Anonymous said...

So he's not visiting SA and now with the latest news he will have to wait for the replacement in NSW.

Two venomous animals off his list.