Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Deepest Rural Southland is a Little Conservative, Really?

Stuff reports on the expulsion from membership of a Gore Calvinist congregation, of a 30 year member because at 72 she is "living in sin", has done so for 8 years and her partner does not wish to remarry at present.

Now I would have thought the Padre and the other member would have been just a little more christian in attitude, not to mention grateful.
Just when did forgiveness of sin become redundant in that benighted church.

Mind you I raised considerable mirth in a 40 something fellow service club member recently with the tale of how different things were when I married at the age of 20 over 50 years ago.
Times have changed just a little.
While congratulating me on my 50th wedding anniversary, probably struggling with the enormity of such a concept, he was very amused at how shacking up was not possible in polite society in the very early 1960s and being a minor, I required my parents written permission to uplift a license, my Father in law to be, wanted to ensure his daughter was married before any children could come into his life with no DPB.
Viewing it as quaint hardly satisfied Brendan's incredulity.

Oi Padre get over yourself, how much happiness can one reasonably expect in the golden years, you and your church are a temple of pillockry not Christianity, and at Easter for Gods sake.
Remind me again why your faith celebrates the resurrection,  forgiveness of sin and life everlasting.


Anonymous said...

whilst having some concern of the plight of an 72 year old, and perhaps the pastor didn't handle it as well as he could of, and someone going crying to the media etc....

What you are suggesting is not forgiveness - its licence. it is no different to telling your teenager there are rules when they live under your roof - they break those rules incessantly ad they are gone - fine live that way, but go and do it somewhere else.

Christ came to draw a line -- that is what Christians have believed since the dawn of it. anything other interpretation is ignorant or malicious.

Don't like it? well, then don't join and fine say your piece...but don;t expect the Pastor to have to do anything about it.

Chris P

The Veteran said...

They have their own rules 'down south'. I had an uncle who was principle of a small school in the Catlins in the 1920s.

He ran his own Still using the school boiler. Folk-law has it that the was 100% attendance at Parent-Teacher meetings with the men remaining at the school for 'bible class' while the ladies were entertained to tea and scones by my Presbyterian aunt at the house.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Was that Catlins or Cana?

Shane Ponting said...

If the membership pledge includes affirmations that carry the expectation of such relationships (single or properly married) then I don't think it's unreasonable they take exception to her ignoring those expectations.

She was still free to attend the church and participate - just as a non-member. I don't know about this church but in other churches I'm more familiar with the "membership" is only a title and simply means you formally made the pledge - your place in the church is otherwise identical to "non-members".