Friday, April 4, 2014

Comment of the Year

Self explanatory - from Whaleoil

Not to miss an opportunity, Cunnlife has apparently added to his SOE empire - Kiwirail, Kiwiinsure etc, we now have Kiwitravel. To help all the poor didums that need to book their human rights overseas travel at the best tax payer subsidised price. Cunnlife said, "Mate, this will help all our poverty stricken mates take a much needed break so they can see their mates in Australia or other countries. Its mate-ship at its best". "Labour will introduce Kiwitravelinsurance so that our mates won't suffer if they get sick or whatever while on their essential overseas travel." "We reject utterly the harsh unfeeling approach of Paula Bennett on behalf of this failing National Government. Its just not on mate!"

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