Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Fine Mess.

Title of a film made in 1930 starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Many of their films included a line "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."

It is not a very big leap to conflate Laurel and Hardy with the obese German and the Racist from the north a bit of whitewash wouldn't correct.

The first Labour Government had no problems with its image.
It represented hard working citizens and every one disadvantaged by a failure to access  sufficient income to make their way in life.
Most of its leadership came from the "working class"  almost without exception via the trade union movement. Many also were foreign born from the UK and Australia in the main.

Today that party has lost its way from being subsumed by an educated elite who have never in the estimation of those cloth capped old reprobates "had a real job".
Riven by factions, including gays, lesbians, stars of the tele, the odd unionist, a few remnant maori protesters and Damien 'Connor and if Kelly has her way in Whangarei another to represent the transgender mob.
Oh Cunliffe claims to have got dirt under his fingernails, and Goff worked in a Freezing Works, Mallard went on The Tele attempting to pick Asparagus, Annie King was a Dental Nurse etc but todays track to the NZLP MP status is via a political studies Qual, interning with MPs and or the modern Trade Union ranks ignoring that menial bit of actually working among the peasants.

The only real vehicle remaining for the hard left socialist is the Mana Party, hence Bradford, Minto,  Bradbury et al, hitching up their wagons.
Now in a desperate move to access funding they are flirting with the Internet Party Founder, one Kim Dot Com aka Kim Schmitz who is a resident but not a citizen so is precluded from standing for election but at the same time is desperate to find a path to political power giving the capacity to overturn his inevitable extradition to the US on serious charges.
A further Laurel and Hardy fact is the ragtag bunch of malcontents attached to Mana and the invaluable asset in the form of a sitting member, with the added security of an electorate seat when the whole personna as represented by Schmitz, the intended Bride is the antithesis of their far left mantra.
He doesnt pay workers,
Fires them when they question that status,
Pays wage rates well below minimum rates when viewed against time worked,
Has an apparent access to gazillions of dollars in defiance of attempts at sequestration,
Lives a lifestyle that would in normal times be seen as anti every socialist belief,
Is a convicted criminal although that has always been a badge of honor among Labour stalwarts,
And another that is possibly regarded as a positive, runs out on accommodation provider  leaving debts.

It has often been alleged that politicians need to swallow dead rats, how will they go with all those?

Laurel and Hardy yes but it is far too serious to laugh at to my way of thinking anyway.


Paulus said...

I hope that Hone gets the money first from DotCrim.

Nah he is not that naïve - is he ?

Anonymous said...

The only real vehicle remaining for the hard left socialist

Oh please. The #1 party in NZ for hard left socialist (actually communist) policies is the incumbent National government - at least if you're a run of the mill Marxist-Lenninist.

If you're a "permanent revolution" Trotskite, then, yes, NZ Labour is where your political home is.

If you're a genocidal Stalinist, then you'll go Green.

But, say, a common-or-garden French style Socialist, in favour of, I dunno, motorway privatisation, nuclear deterrence, and riot police --- then there's no party to vote for in NZ: you're already far to the right of ACT and the Conservatives.

but if you want hard-left socialism? Vote National.

Rich Prick said...

Paul us, I suspect the "cheque is in the post" like every other Kim Dotcom brain fart to avoid extradition.

If he'd been more culturally aware he would have just chucked some beads and blankets Hone's way, which of course Hone would have taken, only to start a whole new grievance boondoggle, but this time with the Germans.