Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Academic Hocus Pocus

Here's yet another head stuck in the sand ivory tower academic looking for a soapbox for his latest nutso theory.  And what better soapbox than an anti gummint daily newspaper?

According to this rooster, thousands of people are leaving NZ because of some nebulous leftie concept called 'inequality.' 

The OECD has issued alarming advice for governments to take "urgent action to tackle rising inequality and social divisions". New Zealand has left these issues unaddressed for too long, and we need to acknowledge it is one of the reasons why our people keep leaving.

The only evidence offered for this wild assertion is an average net immigration figure going back to the arrival of the first Maori canoe.  Never mind the fact that these raw figures do not indicate people's reasons for leaving.  Funny that.

In the average week since 1979, about 880 New Zealand citizens have departed, but only about 450 have returned. This matters because it suggests we have trouble retaining people, and might be somehow letting them down.

What a load of bullshit. Of course anyone who is awake will realise in recent years more people have moved to NZ than have moved out.

Well that's sort of buggered the fine theory.  He'll have to look elsewhere for next year's grant.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

So to escape inequality they go primarily to countries with greater inequality? eg Australia and the UK.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed. Such is the mind of academe.

Anonymous said...

So to escape inequality they go primarily to countries with greater inequality? eg Australia and the UK.

Because while Australia and the UK have higher inequality, they have much mean incomes, and higher social mobility.

WIth a 25-33% jump in income just from crossing the ditch, it's no surprise everyone left in NZ wallows in mediocrity and bludgerism.

Paulus said...

Typical UN - what a load of bollocks.
Hypocrites all

Paulus said...

Sorry I thought it was a UN Report - not OECD - but same conclusion

The Veteran said...

Anon ... as someone with an Aust background and who regularly visits the 'lucky' country I hate to rain on your parade but, for quality of life and with their unemployment now > than NZL and trending up while ours is trending down, NZL wins hands down.

And don't even start me on the UK ... have you actually been there?