Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Few Questions.......

Is Cunliffe challenging Jones for leadership of NZ First?

If Schmitz's assets are frozen, where is all the money coming from?

In what way will civil action by movie moguls accelerate his extradition?

Does Cunliffe remember how many purchases of NZ land and buildings were approved by Labour when he was a minister?

How many votes did Labour lose to National when John Key saved the NZ film industry from extinction at the hands of the CTU and its rabid Australian mates?

Has Matt McCarten worked out yet how to get dead people to vote?

1 comment:

The Veteran said...

1. Not while Whinnie is still warm. The rumours of him being a cardboard cut-out are a tad exaggerated.

2. From secret trusts dear boy, secret trusts ... just ask Cunliffe.

3. Possibly not a lot but it will eat into the amount of dosh that Hone can expect.

4. The silent 'T' has difficulty remembering what day it is and when up is down and vice versa. Can't expect miracles.

5. There you are bringing that nasty John Key up again. Isn't it good enough for you that he's a Nazi and eats babies.

5. Word on the street is that KFC has placed extensive forward orders for September.