Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yet They Ask Why They Are So Judged.

Scumbag real estate operatives both management and drones is what I am alluding to.

A bunch of provincial nobodies hitch their wagon to a now national brand that until a couple of decades  ago was only recognised in the Northern City.

They get a listing for a lifestyle block, owned by a family trust with an obligation to give residential rights to the widow of the trust settlor who is not a beneficiary.

The Widow getting older with mobility issues required something smaller and more central.

A buyer makes an offer part cash and including a property suiting the current needs of the widow, for the rural lifestyle property, it is accepted and a deal concluded.

Now the useless scumbag agent is claiming a $20k commission on that  property included as part payment.
As if he sold it!!!

I have 10 years in that industry including holding a licence and although my knowledge of the small print surrounding this now lawyered up dispute, it would appear the  wideboys have used form and manipulation well beyond the knowledge base of the victim. It is incidents such as this where professionals take advantage of the vulnerable that are the  major reason I am no longer in the industry.
Had the asset value of the small town house been say a Ferrari or the deeds to a brothel instead of a house,  offered and accepted would they have claimed commission, on reflection quite probably.
 Btw I understand that town house was not listed or under a contract of agency to sell with the wideboys or any other RE company.

Even if it was, morality  and ethics tell me the town house value was merely a part of the total consideration making up the accepted offer.

It may be too much to hope the court will see beyond the understanding of Joe Citizen and tell the rapacious bastards from the self styled "leading property agents" to involve themselves in sex and travel and even award costs and compensation to the only victim.
Although is his defense it is possibly the 'tits' agent's  only deal in a year, he would struggle to sell bottled water on a hot day at half price.

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