Monday, March 10, 2014

Will Labour supporters suffer for the cause

With the election announced for September 20, that means campaigning during the wettest and coldest months of the year - July & August. 

Will that excite Labour supporters to get out and deliver stuff; knock on doors and generally campaign?

I'm not so sure and I reckon September 20 gives the centre right another small advantage.


Anonymous said...

Cunliffe's winter crisis.

IHStewart said...

"...another small advantage."

Quite probably yes a very small advantage but at least one the centre right gave to themselves as opposed to the huge advantages that the Labour Party has been handing out to the centre right hand over fist over the last few weeks.

Quintin HOgg said...

I will be out there, but not for Labour!

Paulus said...

Cunliffe laying excuses before the election results.

Anonymous said...

Clark also called elections in July and September.

Cunliffe hits his thumb with the hammer once again!

Barnsley Bill said...

Most of their effort will be online I expect.