Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Dont You Just Truck off back to Auckland?

They seem to have a greater need of your obscure talent. You might make a fine replacement for their numero uno.

Serial tit sucker and appropriately named Troughmaster General, James Patrick Anderton, in cahoots with pinko ex Nat Minister and sometime Mushroom grower Phillip Burdon,  having been told to F**k off by the judicial system, are this morning making yet another attempt to thwart the Anglican Diocese in their plans for the wrecked Cathedral in the CBD of our Village.

Catholic raised, wrecker of every political movement he touched, one time joined at the hip with Silent t's Thief of Staff, this manipulative legend in his own mind has called a press conference at 0900 to deliver another in a long list of offers to make a take overbid for the City Diocese.

You are yesterdays megolomaniac Anderton, just get out of the way and let those who have the task of dealing with the pile of dangerous albeit valuable halswell stone sitting expensively in the heart of our town get on with it.


tom hull said...

Hey mate,We don,t want the old fossil in Auckland,we already have a halfwit running things here.

gravedodger said...

Hehe Tom thankyou very very much for your kind donation.
Wouldn't two halfwits make a whole fuckwit.
Howbout the Auckland Islands for the two of them.
Pants down for governor and Jamberton for liege.

Doug said...

If Anderton moves to Auckland we will need a Vermin fence across the Bombay’s just to keep the prick in Auckland.