Sunday, March 23, 2014


The TV arm of the NZLP propaganda is hard at work.

After the very tight control exercised by Helen Clark with management support from her formidable Chief of Staff, Heather Simpson and a compliant party of 'fifty shades of Grey', identity politics for Labour leadership  has disappeared in a fashion eerily resembling the  disappearance  of MH 370.
Accurately described as turtle on a post, helpless, shouldn't be there, no idea how it got there,  placed there by people with equal deficit in ideas and no way of humane removal with dignity.

First up to bat after the dismissal of H1, clean bowled Key, was good old Phil Goff, nice earnest chap, been in the team since Muldoon was the problem, bit tarnished and tired but seemed solid enough.

Three years later after some serious problems with insects damaging Phil's bat,  team management installed a new opener in the shape of another very likable bloke with overseas experience on the very uneven pitches in places as exotic as Somalia. Shearer was his name and as a virtual unknown he was given an easy ride by most commentators but frailties in technique were soon exposed and he was dumped without ceremony after a forgettable golden duck,  I mean double snapper.

Then followed from the national administrators, a departure from where skippers were appointed by management and selectors with agreement of the players.
The national administrators set up a captaincy selection system that not only involved the team on the pitch albeit seriously diluted, it included stakeholders and funders with another sizeable input from their ever diminishing fan base.
What followed was a skipper imposed in opposition to a clear majority of the players and the result is a marshmellow centered melting moment that lurches about trying to be the flavor desired by every different playing arena with no consistency unless sticky sweet smarmy is your every desire in taste.

As a counter to this mish mash that threatens to unravel at any time the TV propaganda arm has embarked on a program of employing so called significant greats from past glories as closing images with supportive commentary of their flagship program Q+A on Sunday mornings clearly designed to give the leaderless rabble a leg up.

Last week it was stationary engine driver, youngest ever NZ Mayor, built his own home in Kaiapoi, extremely non telegenic(until later Mayor of Waitakere, Bob Harvey gave him a makeover), very overweight, paranoid, "Big Norm", Norman Eric Kirk.
Now Norm is very fondly adored by the remnant sycophants still in Labour, currently around 29%, as a "great leader". Sadly as time passes his image is tarnishing faster than a bronze monument in the ruins of an East German chemical works.
Sure he made an impact with populist initiatives funded with OPMs in the form of reserves built up by the Holyoake and Marshall administrations, however it was not just his health that was running out with the sands of time.
 His image, vaunted by followers, blinded by dreams, didn't see how his economic policy was heading for an end as dire as his health.
But the images and the legend remain as a beacon to socialists. Who truely remembers elevated deputy PM  Hugh Watt and eventual elected leader, Wally Rowling?

This week the closing of Q+A was another window on the past based on the next Labour Legend who remains  a monument equal to Kirk, in the minds of many.
Another overweight, big mouthed, fickle, insincere and shallow legend of "The Party", David the 1st, aka David Lange.
Like Kirk, a flawed legend that because of a political desire for a cup of tea that  derailed what many would today hail as the Salvation and Resurrection of NZ Inc from the  results of the great socialist incarnate Muldoon,  who had our nation teetering on the edge of an engineered bankruptcy.
Had his administration been allowed to continue under the second generation Douglas family member Roger now Sir Roger who knows where we could be in 2014. Very little of what Douglas introduced has been tampered with by any succeeding government.

So who to next week, Walter Nash a one term wonder who was too old for the task when Peter Frazer popped his clogs nearly a decade earlier, Frazer himself or Micky Savage, the real one not the presumptuous git using his name on blogs today. None of them with any resonance with voters under 50 today.
In the real time of Political history, Muldoon would be a candidate for pin up of the week for the advancement of socialism but he wore a blue tie.

So who will be selected as the great hope historical image for an ailing political movement, "Tune in for next weeks exciting episode". Sunday 0900 repeat on Sky 501 an hour later, dont rush though it is the closing that reveals this NZLP promotion in the face of the charade that TV ONE is an impartial media outlet,  the rest of Q+A is pretty forgettable talkfest crap provided by a very shallow puddle of talent.


Edward the Confessor said...

Holy shit! You're either batshit crazy or a genius satirist playing at being a batshit crazy rwnj. I'm betting the former, but don't let that stop you! Please!

Rex said...

National Party leaders have all been mediocre, visionless bullies how have overseen slow decline (the honourable exception is Muldoon, who oversaw rapid decline). The current guy is different though, he's a con man.

Anonymous said...

our nation teetering on the edge of an engineered bankruptcy.

Let's remember Mr Smile-and-Wave has been borrowing A BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH since 2008.

National Party leaders have all been mediocre, visionless bullies

except Ruth.

None of them with any resonance with voters under 50 today

well that's something. Still if Massey's cossacks had done a better job back in '13 there wouldn't be a Labour party today.

Oh wait a minute: there'd be Mr-Smile-And-Wave, Helen Clark's policies since 2008 with a prettier face.