Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where Is David? David WHO?

Buried under the superficial load of garbage in the MSM, including a saga on an overweight German of Finnish birth, currently living in New Zealand as a resident, while the USA legal system seeks to extradite said lump of lard, is an almost invisible leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition.

David Cunliffe current occupant of that office, in a desperate struggle for relevance and exposure in the news cycle continues to make a total arse of himself on a regular basis
Imbued with a belief he can connect with younger citizens he uses social media and makes his biggest ripples Tweeting on Twitter or is that twittering on tweeter, sadly too often for his comfort, in the form of SMOGs

Yesterday his most recent cockps came on  a revisit to the "decline in the Provinces" meme.
Now as Ele at homepaddock and Keeping Stock among  many, accurately point out, the socialists hold only two seats that come within that designation, The Provinces, Palmerston North and West Coast Tasman leading to a serious deficit in an information stream as to what is actually happening in the far flung nether regions.
Compounding that deficit, the NZLP failed to win the Party vote component in either.

His sporadic and pointless forays from The Beltway have resulted in spurious lies, misinformation building a picture working NZ Inc see as on another planet.
A parliamentary inquiry in conjunction with lobby groups, fellow travelers and sycophants travelled throughout our country to discover the dire state of "Manufacturing".
That charade ended up eerily similar to the Rena, on the rocks, spewing detritus and pollution at considerable cost to the Taxpayers, all in the face of an inconvenient truth.
Manufacturing in this country with its well documented problems of a small domestic market, currency disadvantages and distance from the rest of the world has been on a growth curve the whole time the current government has been in the chair.
From the lowpoint of the then government created dive into recession, a year earlier than the rest of the world, driven by the suave smarmy history graduate and his props in the Clark administration, manufacturing has enjoyed a rise that continues on an upward curve, largely sans direct state promotion but within a framework policy of the state keeping out of the way

Yesterday DC excelled again with his "Prophet of Doom" persona on twitter from the provinces, leading to some  putting theories out there as to who might be shafting the temporary leader, implying he is not capable of creating that scenario unaided!!!
Jesus wept, he doesn't require the ABC faction, a daft gang suddenly aware that electoral oblivion is the oncoming train, an incompetent CoS or any other problem contributing to his ongoing refusal to acknowledge reality. He demonstrates an inherent ability to get there all by his stupid self.
The prick had most of January/February to do what most other citizens do in the Summertime, just drive around this beautiful country with his eyes open and he would have seen "main street NZ" occupied and ready to trade, trucks, vans and coaches full and delivering,  thousands going on holiday, among  many indicators we are not on the skids.
In the evenings he could have sat in a motel room and read a few local giveaway papers full of tales of growth, expansion, industry and things to see and do, or alternatively, gone down to the  local with his hearing aid turned on and observing a vow of silence. 
The real economic facts of provincial NZ were there for the taking away.

Yeah nah,  not for the Messiah, he relies on a bunch of misery guts whingers clamouring for yet more welfare to compensate for  incompetence and inadequacy in managing personal affairs, delivered hourly by those who spend an inordinate amount of their time searching for negativity.
Many of these messengers with tales of doom and disaster are also in the media, another bunch who refuse to see what those whose glass is above half full notice every day on their way to work.

While idlers sit around drinking, sniffing, smoking and whinging,  immigrants on a variety of visas are milking cows, picking fruit, gathering vegetables, cleaning hotel/motel rooms washing dishes in jobs that often come with free accommodation or at least heavily subsidised options
Dont for gods sake start on about the jobs not existing in South Auckland, they aren't in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, The Philippines, Somalia or the freakin Balkans either. 
They are in Hawkes Bay, Southland, Manawhatu/Horowhenua and throughout "provincial New Zealand, not far from a "backpacker hostel" and there are buses  going there every day.

Meanwhile will the leader of the opposition stand up, oh he is standing up, just obscured by an obese visitor, unwanted by a majority who just wish Uncle Sam would come and collect him.


Edward the Confessor said...

You're a curious mix of bombast and illiteracy, old fella. Keep the crap flowing though. It's harmless, you obviously get off on it and it's kind of funny.

Paulus said...

Look how Cunliffe's vote goes up when he says nothing, and cannot be found.
This is the new McCarten edict.
Shut up and be thought a fool, say something and be seen to be a fool.

Edward the Confessor said...

You should take your own advice, Paulus. Too late for you though.

Marc said...

Also MIA his trusty front bench comrade Jacinda Adern - she of the $60 a week phantom baby bribe hide-under-a-cup policy. The now you see it, now you don't advertisment. Not seen in the last 2 weeks of Parliament, and still invisible after a week's recess.

Anonymous said...

@EtC - "'s kind of funny."

What is *hilarious* is that there are still people like *you* in the world.


People who support the "flat earth society" of ideologies.

People who actually think that socialism *works*.

Let us review some of the current government's achievements -
* Benefit numbers dropping steadily.

* Economic growth up.

* Student performance improving, including *Maori and Pasifika* students.

* Crime down.

You are unable to debunk the good news using facts so the only thing left in the arsenal is abuse.

Here's a challenge for you (and this should be easy).
Tell us why Labour's "baby bribe" policy would work and why you think it is "good policy".

Do the same for any two other Labour policies.

Psycho Milt said...

Student performance is deteriorating according to external measurements, but regardless: in what sense are any of these government achievements? Crime has been falling since Labour was in power, for reasons social scientists will never agree on. And economic performance? If we're using that as a proxy for government performance, the last Labour government outperformed the current one by an enormous margin. Do you really want to go there?

Edward the Confessor said...

Well, Thor, You call me a socialist (as if that's some sort of term of abuse) and then go on to credit government action with every positive social indicator you can find. According to your own methodology that probably makes you a *commie (and what's with *the *silly **asterisks***?)

gravedodger said...

I accept you are thick Backward but seriously, calling Thor out for abuse???
All the ageist shit plus Tory and a few other choice examples of your declared deficiencies you have presented to me uninvited.

Some of us employ "socialist" to cover a belief system that is widely regarded as an authentic descriptive.

You poor wee confusing possum.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Some of us employ "socialist" to cover a belief system that is widely regarded as an authentic descriptive."

Ah yeah, what now? Sometimes you just string words together at random and hope people will think you know what you're talking about, dontcha old fella? Saves you from hurting your brain trying to think.