Monday, March 3, 2014

What About " THEIR PRIVACY"?

Mr Kevin Waters worked for Alpine Energy for 33 years, resigning in 2008.

Some six years on he recently applied for two openings at Alpine Energy for engineering jobs, for one he was informed he would not be interviewed, as better candidates were on offer and he missed the second after an interview.

Following a "Hearing" on February 10th, The Human Rights Tribunal has ruled Waters can access the CVs of  the other candidates who applied "to assist Waters in making a case for age discrimination".
Clearly the opinionated troughers at HRT have more regard for the rights of Mr Waters than the privacy of the other applicants, many of whom probably would likely not want their present employers to know they had even applied for another Job.
Tough shit eh.

The other fact here,  did Mr Waters not think for one minute Alpine Energy might just have been pretty comfortable he had resigned in 2008, glad to see his sorry arse gone in fact.

Maybe Mr Waters has a mate at the HRT who was just being helpful to someones constituent.

Pardon me, but I would have thought "My CV" would be privileged and not for disclosure to anyone other the an entity offering employment and any staff or agent involved, without my express permission, is that unreasonable.
Handing it out to souls competing for work seems to fly in the face of what the promulgators of privacy law used to bolster their law making efforts, the sanctity of my personal information.


Paulus said...

Stupid Legal Decision.
Maybe it is suggested that Mr Walters was a Union Delegate and they finally got rid of him ?
And never to return.

Tinman said...

I believe the HRT has allowed Waters to see the CVs of those who were appointed not all who applied, a very important difference.

That said this is a very, very important decision, one extremely dangerous.

Employers must have discretion when choosing staff and while some guidelines (such as not discriminating on race etc) should be in place the final choice on who will fit in to the work environment best (and therefore perform the required duties the best) must be left to the employer and only the employer.

This story stinks of some civil servant dweeb forcing his big-govt. desires on the private sector, this time through the bloody ridiculous HRC and their HRT.

Time for ALL NZers to stand up and be rid of this bullshit!