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While the Melons and their whacky pseudo brand of hypocrisy is filling the vacuum that exists in the uneducated thickos cranial space with copious amounts of environmental garbage and Maori legend that has been unwritten and therefore easily reinterpreted to suit changing circumstance, they are ignoring what could be seen by some who love this country as a rather unfortunate degrading of what was once Crown Land.

As part of their "settlement with the Crown" Ngai Tahu grabbed a goodly segment of the assets that became available from the massive sales of "the family silver" by previous administrations of Labour.

One such acquisition was the 10 000 Ha Balmoral Forest on the north bank of the Hurunui River straddling SH7. At the time noise was created suggesting the marvelous opportunity for training and work for the youth of the tribe.
Well forget that, the tribe has embarked on a massive transformation from a forest with all the supposed "green benefits" that accompany such land use, eg carbon lockup, climate enhancement and habitat provision that could come with gradual replacement of Radiata pine trees with varied and feel good plantings for native fauna and flora. to the most massive dairy farm imaginable.
Turning 25 000 acres of forest into a dairy farm? wouldn't logical analysis have the melons protesting all the way to the Chinese ice cream eaters and babies.
Nope, you see it is Ngai Tahu and they are Tangata Whenua so it's all right.

Well not quite, normally in Green speak, there are already enough of the hated bloody bovines in the Amuri Basin eating nitrogen boosted grass,  shitting and pissing all the way to Armageddon. Just ask any Melon.

Rivers are under threat, creeks are buggered, and now the freakin Tribe under Sir Mark Solomon's  watch are going to double the previously perceived problem yet I aint seen a word of protest.

One unforeseen outcome from this rape of vulnerable soils as trees are cut over, stumps are removed and regrassing is introduced, the water is not allocated, or even planned for delivery. Work is underway sans irrigation in situ.

First the Tribe supported the control of the catchment and head waters of both branches of the  Hurunui River that runs along the southern boundary of the block.
Existing Lake Sumner on the North branch was to be controlled at Summer high with a control gate, releasing water to maintain flows by lowering to Summer low levels. On the South branch it was to be dammed to conserve flood water for summer release.
That very forward thinking and sensible scheme was dropped with indecent haste after the usual suspects, unable to see progress in a forest, made sufficient protest and their natural allies the Tribe withdrew. their support.
Next a half arsed and impracticable lesser effort was planned on a tributary of the Hurunui, The Waitohi, it never made the runway let alone take off. That was one bit of good news.
Now the Tribe are proposing taking water from the Waiau that is already well allocated to the Amuri scheme built nearly 50 years ago on the border dyke system used widely for the RDR in Mid Canterbury and now being converted to center pivots as the area of watered land grows and cow numbers increase, by canal, south to Sir Mark's  Eldorado on the Banks of the Hurunui.

If this major environmental and landuse scheme unfolding for Ngai Tahu on land they would never have used in a thousand years was the brainchild of say Shanghai Pengxin does anyone think it would be a goer, I for one say never in a thousand years, make that light years.
However we are talking about the other New Zealanders here, you know the privileged ones who need help, with  cuzzies up country who want to be paid by a power company for putting water through a turbine.

Last week a traditional southerly bluster hit the exposed soils under renovation and serious quantities of the already sparse soils went on the breeze, to the point traffic on H 7 was endangered.
My informants tell me the dust cloud rivaled the smoke from the NW driven forest fire c 1954.
One wag went into the Waiau Pub and suggested to a group of Maori they should get out to XYZ's farm and put in a land claim as a considerable quantity of their potential dairy farm had relocated north.

Expansion of dirty dairy, nitrogen leeching and caps, effluent issues, would in normal circumstance have Stephan Browning, Mojo Mathers, Eugene Sage et al in hyper activity mode but so far, not a squeak, they must be still in Hypocrisy mode as it is their beloved tangata mates doing the rape and pillage.

Seen anything about all this in the Old Media, nope didn't think so but this makes the Crafar farms seem like a sunday picnic.

However we all know those nice Tangata persons do love the place.
Don't they?

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