Saturday, March 15, 2014


Calling it quits in a few moments as I have to be up early to catch a plane to ChCh (assuming the BoI Airport is operating) for a week down south doing God's work.    But I have to say that tonight it's been joy to the soul watching the ALP and the Greens getting smashed in the Tasmanian State election.

Tasman is a basket case economy destroyed by the outgoing Labor Government.   It has the highest unemployment rate of any State at 7.4%  trending up.    Six weeks ago it was a Labor/Greens Coalition Government until the Labor Premier, with the writing on the wall, booted them out of Cabinet.     Tonight both Labor and the Greens have been routed and the Liberals will govern in their own right with a four seat majority in a 25 seat legislature.

Labor's game plan of trying to turn the State election into a referendum on the Abbott Government backfired spectacularly.     It was always going to be a referendum on how well Labor and the Greens had governed the State.

Absolutely fascinating and instructive to hear a procession of Labor luminaries slag off the Greens as a toxic and destructive force in politics and how they found it impossible to work with them in Government.      The ALP in Tasmania now has three years to reflect on their decision to cuddle up to the Greens.    They have already vowed never again.     Sage advice for the NZL Labour Party.


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gravedodger said...

It took Lara Giddings and Nick McKim each 20 minutes to concede and the victor Will Hodgman only 13 to accept.
Says it all I guess.

But have the voters actually figured out Tasmania is no longer on federal welfare.

Greens vote crashed 40% to around 13% so there are still one hell of a bunch of the deluded.