Monday, March 24, 2014

The 285,000 child LIE

Life in the Far North.
As some of you know I moved back to the Far North last year, scratching around for something to do I stumbled across a role through a friend that offered me an opportunity to do some good.
Or so I thought.
I run a small business that is effectively a not for profit. And no, it is not a failing business that we call a not for profit. It was set up with no profit motive. We just need to cover our costs.
We are aiming to provide safe reliable transport for people in the North that we will politely call credit challenged.
The Far North is massive, we have very poor infrastructure and have never really enjoyed any large pointless spending from either National or Labour. Labour don't because they could stand Richie McCaw in the North and lose. National don't because they can stand an odious wanker like Mike Sabin and win. So these people really do need cars. But more importantly they need safe, legal cars so you and I can drive around with slightly less fear of being killed by a clown in a car with no brakes.

Like many I had dark and not altogether poorly founded thoughts on why we have so many people in the North who seem utterly incapable of functioning as a reasonable and useful member of our 21st century society. Until I began this project my preconceived notions were without much research, rigorous thought or first hand experience at what the daily struggles of the underclass are.
So, in other words I was in pretty much the same boat as the overwhelming majority of people and especially every Labour and Green MP, all MSM left wing commentators/ journalists and the legion of useful idiots that are trotted out to bang on about poverty and the starving children.

Let me tell you.
I am dealing with close to 100 families from Whangarei to Kaitaia that will never join the mainstream. They are almost entirely hopeless in every aspect of their lives. But none of them have kids that are starving, in fact they are using techniques and schemes to travel through life that are incredibly complex and would stun most of you if you witnessed them first hand.

I am sick to death of seeing stories about WINZ being heartless/ inflexible/ mean.
Bullshit, WINZ will pay your speeding tickets, your lawn mowing, your rent, power, phone and any other manner of bill if you rock up and turn on the sobs. The lurks and perks are fantastic if you know how to play the game. And by far the best way is to keep getting knocked up. Most of the families I deal with have a male and female parental unit under the same roof and anything from 3 to 11 children. But the Male parental unit is registered at a different address of course. You need to do that to defraud the state with DPB. Gets a bit tricky when dad gets convicted and given home detention. I have three "Dads" having holidays at Auckland addresses currently because they are wearing a bracelet. You see if you are cheating WINZ it pays to have one partner notionally living in a different city.
And they moan like hell that the state is out to get them.

They are a self fulfilling prophecy, my customers rock up in their cars and try and sell me the free food, two or three times a day. The cardigan wearing numpties who provide these services are part of the problem.

So, anyway back to the business.
We sit down with each family and help them work out a budget on what they can afford, we then tailor a package to suit and ensure it will not stretch them.
If they get past this hurdle (90% do not), we find them a cheap car and provide it to them with a service contract that guarantees we will pay and complete warrants, ensure the registration is paid and provide basic insurance. All this for a surprisingly low weekly amount and a goal to own the car within 12 months.
We encourage them to pay by bank account but of course most prefer to pay in cash. We teach them to change a wheel, check the fluids and how to keep the car clean and tidy.
At Xmas we found a bulk load of child seats that we GAVE to a number of mums. They sold, lost, burnt or left in the garden every single one of them within weeks.

Through all this I have seen things that would break your heart, but I have never seen a child who is hungry for food.
When I see Labour and Green MP's keep promoting the fake statistic about 285,000 hungry children I want to grab them and drag them through Otangarei or Raumanga or Otaika, come here and show me a hungry child. Suburbs that I go to every day are areas that would make Jacinda Ardern shit her pants if asked to walk through.
These fucking rich socialists make me physically ill.
They know nothing, they add no value, they suck resources that would be better spent on a tractor and some sacks of spuds.
More money with the current failed system is not  the answer.
Stop fucking preaching to me about poor people and try and meet some.
Every current program, effort, policy and NGO and Maori gravy train is failing. They will always fail because we are soft, we will never do what needs to be done to break the cycle. The problem is only getting worse.

Tomorrow, I may tell you what the answer is. But let me leave you with a clue. It involves spending Billions and has to have Paula Bennett running it. She is the only member of Parliament who understands what being on a benefit means and she beat the stats and dragged herself up.


James Noble said...
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Charmaine. said...

Well said. I have spent time living and working in Cannons Creek and Titahi Bay down here and echo your sentiments.
The socialists who "feel" for the poor while having never spoken to any make me physically sick. They are full of the soft bigotry of low expectations and just do not realise that throwing money at the so called poor keep them there.

Barnsley Bill said...

Fact. There are no poor in Herne Bay and you are not going to see any in the back of the crown car as it drives you to the Koru Club.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

During my time working with not dissimilar cases, the socialist-types used to instruct others amongst the group not to "judge". They WERE seeing the dysfunction firsthand but remained wedded to the idea that all these people needed were their "full entitlements" and some herding. Result - many 'clients' saw us another source of assistance to exploit. It is very hard, if not impossible, to change the values learned as welfare kids.

I await your solution with interest.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

It a shame that you weren't able to get that malingering slob whaleoil sacked from The Truth until it was too late. You could still have been there.

Anonymous said...

Well she hasn't done too good a fucking job so far has she BB?

I agree with most of your post but the Nats will never, I repeat, never, touch social welfare because they don't have the intestinal fortitude.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And another knuckle dragger rises to the surface of the pond.

Judge Holden said...
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Angry Tory said...

Even Maggie didn't "touch welfare"

The only politician that ever really managed to cut welfare was Ruth Richardson - but all her work has more than been undone by all her successors.

The only recent politician who knew in her bones what needed to be done was Helen Clark - in her famous "right wing bonfire" speech - but of course Key didn't have the guts to collect the wood, let alone pour on the petrol and chuck in a match.

Brick said...

Well Judge - your comment indicates a certain level of intelligence. What's your solution then?

Anonymous said...

Brick, you must be new around here. Judge is a clown of the highest order and proffers nothing but abuse and anger-filled hatred.

Tinman said...

Strangely the ChCh earthquake may demonstrate your solution.

I have met several young men who have left the far North and it's useless lifestyle and ventured to ChCh to work on the rebuild.

To a man they tell me how much they enjoy working for a living, earning money for the things in life that make life worth living.

Every one has impressed me that they will, in fact have become useful members of society.

The Veteran said...

'Nats haven't the balls to touch Social Welfare'!!!!!!

Really ... then why the shrill opposition from Labour, Greens and Mana to the welfare reforms?

Paula Bennett is doing what needs to be done and that does not involve the complete dismantling of the social welfare system as stupid 'Angry Tory' would have it.

There has to be a safety net for those who genuinely need help.

BB. Good post but you would need to authenticate your statement that WINZ will pay speeding fine tickets ... they don't.

Barnsley Bill said...

Winz pay speeding, parking, wof and rego infringements and then claw them back at a rate starting from one dollar per week. I have seen multiple instances this year in writing.

Brick said...

Thanks Anonymous - I was trying to be polite - the word minimal should have been used - is there any correlation between the size of the gall bladder and a person's political leanings? Am pleased to see that the offensive comment has since been removed.

The Veteran said...

BB .... I am a little surprised to hear that. I have been the 'independent' member of the MSD Northland Benefit Review Committee for the past nine years (first appointed by a Labour Government).

The BRC in the second tier appeal authority against WINZ decisions. I have sat in on numerous appeals against refusals by WINA to advance monies to pay rego, wof and car repair bills. In 90% of cases the appeals are denied. The only circumstance that I have knowledge of where such funding was granted related to where the vehicle was needed by a very sick person requiring ongoing medical treatment.

I have never come across a case where an advance was approved to pay a fine.

As to the $1/week advance recovery and all I can say in answer is that it is my experience the minimum claw back recovery is in the order of $10/week. Certainly since the change of Government, advance payments are the exception rather than the norm.

Anonymous said...

Benefit Street, filmed in the UK on a street where the bulk of the tenants were on a state subsidy. We should do the same here

Anonymous said...

A very well written post, thanks for writing and posting this.
I don't think anything will ever be done about this, because of the abundance of 'Do-gooders', and also because there are no easy solutions.

B Whitehead

Barnsley Bill said...

Vet, dig deeper. I will email you tonight. Currently driving a recovered car back from Taupo

Anonymous said...

I am a volunteer budget advisor (ie I don't get paid) in the Porirua area working with many of the poorest families in NZ.
I agree withh many of the comments of BB especially the generosity of W&I (Note: there is no such thing as WINZ now).
Contrary to 1 commenter Advances are often paid at less than $10pw - $1pw is not uncommon at all- in fact I can't think of a client paying at least $10pw.
I have a client who is repaying $88,000 of fraudulently obtained benefits at $10.50pw.
I am unaware of speeding fines being paid by W&I but, as money is fungible, if other debts are paid by W&I then money will be left over to pay fines - so the outcome is the same anyway.
On the politics of welfare: in a speech (a few years ago now) Rodney Hide claimed that every MP new that welfare was 'stuffed' but no politician had the nerve to do anything about it - a sacred cow!

Redbaiter said...

Man what is wrong with so many of the commenters here- the answer to the problem has been mentioned several times already AND IS STARING YOU IN THE FACE.

Its National.

Gutless spineless cowards too intimidated by the left to DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE.

We don't have an opposition. We have an sub branch of the Labour Party. A bunch of quislings who have infiltrated National and taken its spine and led it far from its ideological roots.

And yet tools like Barnsley and Slater piss around calling themselves right wing when they weakly tolerate this massive capitulation on principle and all they are doing is encouraging National to CONTINUE TO SELL OUT.

Long past time National stopped receiving any support from the real right wing. They are pretenders, sell outs, cowards and losers and they don't deserve spit.

This is about the only post of Barnsley's that I have ever thought worth more than a pinch of goat shit. It tells a great story, but why won't he see and acknowledge the real problem which is our weak tolerance of the National Party's surrender?

Rex said...

"We don't have an opposition. We have an (sic) sub branch of the Labour Party."

Um yeah, National's the government, semi-literate re-tard.

Redbaiter said...

Nope. A sub branch of Labour is the govt. They're just using National's name to govern. There is no opposition to the left.

And the fact this is all you can muster a comment on shows that like most on that side of the political spectrum, you have no answer to truth apart from attempting to ridicule and denigrate those who speak it.