Thursday, March 6, 2014

That was a Bastard of a Storm.

Many images of the last three days are on the Net and very few convey the reality many citizens are enduring. The pictures don't convey the damp, wet and totally demoralising effects beyond control.

Here in Paradise the electricity came and went all day Tuesday finally ending with what turned out to be a twenty hour cut at around 2000 hrs Tuesday night.
Landline Phones nearly all require mains power to work, Cell coverage through Telecom reduced to emergency use only, Vodaphone for me not available.

The trusty 2Kva Honda generator that gives us Mains power for the mobile home was already in situ, so with a gas hob,  a gas fire and a roll around 9Kg heater our comfort was assured.
However that wind was something else. Gusting well in excess of 100 kph and sustained for nearly 40 hours, scary/ frightening, barely covers it.
Since the seismic events that began in 2010 most structures appear to have more movement within their basic integrity. We have a 300 meter brick clad on a floating foundation and during wind events such as we have just endured, big gusts present a far greater apprehension than that prior to Sept 2010.
Our fears fade into irrelevance though, when images of poor buggers in many parts of Christchurch are viewed.
Parts of the Village of the Damned have lowered up to half a meter during the now well over 10 000 tremors, creeks have narrowed, creek beds are seriously silted and water tables are now very different.
The potential for flooding is elevated to alarming levels.

So serious debate must occur as to retreating from many areas of the city. I have referred to an old map  I have in my possession c1930 that shows no residential development in the areas of our city that were worst hit with quakes and now are the most flood affected.
Up until what that map reveals, town planning had little input, building codes were what a builder delivered, the RMA was not even a wet dream for socialists of those days, and yet Dallington, Bexley, Aranui, and all those suburbs now leading disaster TV, were untouched for housing.
Millions of acres in a crescent from Prebleton to Yaldhurst have been largely ignored as development happened on the Eastern Swamps.
Norman Kirks government initiated a move to make Rolleston, Christchurch's Hutt valley, just never flew. Now I am not waving a flag for big Norm, what has emerged as a result of seismic and now associated flooding was not from visionary thinking it was all about space and cheap land deemed unsuitable for intensive use. That crescent is now where the city is being rebuilt and it includes to the West as far as West Melton, all on shingle and higher above sea level.

That was a bitch of a storm, I was based in Masterton when Bola hit Gisborne and the East Coast, it did not have anything like what that bitch delivered here. That said Bola was seriously alarming for many then in and around Gisborne.

Before any Gorebullshit advocates, use current misery to bolster their crap money making frauds check Southern England c 1287 not flash then either.


Paranormal said...

I feel your pain GD.

We lost our roof to a 160km wind in 2006. We are in an exposed position on a ridge line. I cringe every time we have storm with w/nw winds. The whole house moves and groans when a gust hits it. It certainly plays havoc on the nerves.

With this on top of the EQ damage our thoughts are with you Cantabs.

The Veteran said...

Paranormal ... comment endorsed.

Back in 1981 at the time of the Pacific Charger grounding (think that was the name of the ship) at the entrance to Wgtn harbour we owned a house in Ghurka Cres, Khandallah.

At the height of the storm the plate glass window were flexing so much that the heavy drape curtains were billowing out and in. Truly frightening. Took our minds off the roof which was threatening to go west, or south, or north or west and all at the same time.

Kia Kaha.