Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RIP Hill Billy.

I note the passing of Henry Arthur Burgess, latterly a resident in The City of Sails aged 75.
Henry was a character who inhabited the talkback community on Radio Pacific and was a bit part legend in the life and times of the late Geoff Sinclair among others.

Born in Staveley at the eastern end of the Ashburton Gorge where Mid Canterbury folk claim winter is manufactured, Henry's anecdotes around his early life there were a great snapshot on hardships and struggle around the time of WW2.

A bard and a published author, Hill Billy as he was known on the wireless had problems with the law involving time at Her Majesty's pleasure yet with a prodigious memory and a laconic delivery style his entertainment of insomniacs will be remembered by many.


Baxter said...

I always enjoyed his contributions especially his memories of Banksie's dad who he thought highly of.

Anonymous said...

Henry was a fantastic human being. Full of kindness and humour. He spent time in Her Majesties Institutions in earlier years purely through being addicted at the time to alcohol.If he had no money he would write dud cheques to obtain his next fix. But he would never harm anyone and always tried to help those he thought were down and out. In his latter years he went busking everywhere to make a little extra, and was known to share gold coins he had acquired, with homeless people walking past. Henry will be missed very much.He came to know the truth of Jesus Christ so we can be thankful to know where he has been taken.